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Sketch vs Figma: Which One is the Better Designing Tool?

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Sketch vs Figma

The world of UI design tools is always changing. For that, there are several solutions available, but not all of them will meet your requirements. Figma and Sketch are two popular options for quickly creating responsive designs. Let's look at the distinctions between these two to see whether one could be more suitable for your project:

What is the use of Figma?

It is a browser-based, vector graphic designing application that offers to build mockups for web pages like responsive and many more. However, it is the best tool for using multiple platforms or collaborating with colleagues remotely.

What is the use of Sketch?

Sketch is the most powerful vector app, and it easily creates wireframes, logos, and many more. Also, it supports team collaboration that helps to give input to your design like the location or position of the organization. Now the question arises of where you can find these two apps, so these apps are available on the Apple store as well Google Play. You can log in to apps online with Figma at and Sketch at

Sketch vs Figma: Compatibility with Operating Systems

Here, Sketch is compatible with macOS systems and also they have made it clear that they will not launch any app for Linux or Windows. On the other side, Figma is exclusively available for OS platforms, that includes Windows, iOS, and Android.

Sketch vs Figma: Performance

Many designers say that Sketch vs Figma is similar to each other in terms of speed. Their features like grouping/ungrouping elements on canvas or hierarchical layer navigation are similar in both. Here both apps support key commands CTRL+Z or CMD+Z for making unwanted changes.

Figma Features Vs. Sketch Features

Here you will learn about some crucial features of Figma and Sketch, that will help you to better understand the difference between both. Also, it will help you to choose the best application:

Given below are some features of Figma:

  • Interface elements can be dragged and dropped.

  • It has a unique feature to craft that is similar to Marvel and Zeplin.

  • For the 3D models and shadow it allows 3D rendering.

  • It has animation testing that previews the animation within a browser.

Given below are some features of Sketch:

  • It has a Pixel Grid to enhance the design.

  • Sketch also supports 3D rendering.

  • We can also import custom SVG icons.

  • It has a smart layer that allows you to use a layers panel for arranging your design assets.

Figma Styles Vs. Sketch Styles

In addition to layer styles (drop shadow, inner shadow, strokes, borders, etc.), both programs include a range of fills and patterns, as well as 'Styles'. A style is a set of characteristics that can be applied to any element on a canvas with a single click. Color, width, and height are all customizable from a single location for each element. These styles can also be modified using sliders in Figma.

Symbols or Components of Sketch vs Figma

Styles and Symbols are tools that are extremely similar in that they allow you to easily generate reusable parts for your design assets such as buttons, icons, or logos. In terms of the number of properties that may be included in a symbol, Sketch is more customizable; nonetheless, both programs allow you to add variants as well as modifiable parameters.

Another distinct feature provided by Figma is the opportunity to connect other teams working on the same project via their 'Figma' app. This allows numerous designers to collaborate in different places while effortlessly sharing information.

Plugins for Sketch vs Figma Platforms

As we know from ages Sketch is a popular platform among graphic designers, because it has a huge number of plugins.

Some popular plugins you can use with Sketch:

  • Sketch Style Inventory- It generates a visual style sheet with all text styles and colours.

  • Rename It- This keeps all your Sketch files well organised and many more.

  • Sketch Manager- It helps you to speed up your Sketch workflow.

  • Merge Duplicate Symbols- It Simply runs and Merge duplicates symbol plugin from the plugins menu.

Some popular plugins you can use with Figma:

  • Colour Contrast Checker- This analyses the colour contrast ratio of all the visible text in a frame.

  • Palette- It helps you create the perfect colour palette with the help of machine learning from Colormind.

  • Content Reel- This helps to create custom content and to share it with other users of Figma.

  • Unsplash- Here you can use Unsplash pictures in Figma by selecting the new from Unsplash.

Prototyping on Figma Vs. Prototyping on Sketch

Sketch vs Figma both gives permission to create interactive prototypes. However, if you are finding the prototype animation in your design, Figma Craft will be more advantageous. Also, with that, both apps give similar performance, when it comes to designing static elements like icons and logos. Now for the detailed animations like the evolution between the scenes in the app design. It seems that Figma is the better option.

Collaboration on the Sketch vs Figma

The term collaboration is very beneficial in terms of working with the team. So, here both the apps give the offer to collaborate, which makes the possibility for multiple designers to work together on the same projects at the same time and keep the track of the change in design. However, there is only one difference: Figma offers an environment where all designers can communicate with each other directly. Which says that they have permission to create designs by sharing ideas.

Price Comparison Between Sketch vs Figma

So Figma comes in three different plans, which include a “Free Forever” version. Now it contains a paid version which starts at $12/month per user to $45/month per user. On the other hand, Sketch plans are like one-year licence costs $99 and $9 per editor per month.

Wrapping Up with Sketch vs Figma

From the above-given article about Sketch vs Figma, you have got an idea that both tools are great in use for UI designers. Accordingly, if you are looking to work with team members then you should go with Figma as it gives the option to communicate with multiple designers at the same time. On the other hand, if you want to work independently you should go for a sketch as it works without collaboration. But the sketch is the better option since it offers more plugins that are customizable and make workflow faster.

Now the same thing goes with prototyping detail animation within designs, however, if you have to build the transition between the screen and the simple app then we can suggest that both app platforms are equally good at this. Last but not least when it comes to pricing the two have a $100 difference Which makes Figma a great choice. But again pricing is not that important in terms of UI tools. So we can say that Sketch vs Figma platforms is not the important factor, the thing which is important is what type of tool you want to design.


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