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What is the Approximate App Development Cost in India?

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

App Development cost in India

You've probably heard the saying "There's an app for that" and also about the factor of App Development cost. The mobile app market is anticipated to generate more than 17 billion in yearly revenue by 2022, as forecasted by Statista. Now, What Would Be the Expected App Development Cost in India?

This comprehensive guide will assist you in approximating App Development cost in India for your upcoming project. It's the perfect time to get your company app produced because it's predicted that the mobile app industry will double in the next year or so. If a company doesn't have an app nowadays, it might as well be losing a lot of customers. To attract the attention of current and potential clients of a business, an app is a significantly better option than a mobile website.

The need for competent app developers increases along with the app market. This is the reason behind the rise in the popularity of app-making firms nowadays. Also, cost is one of the most important variables that affect how an app is developed. The estimated App Development cost in Indian projects is something that a lot of people and companies are interested in learning. We will try to solve this question below.

What is the cost of mobile app development? What is the typical App Development cost in India? We will outline here the entire step-by-step procedure for fairly analyzing the cost of developing a mobile app, even if these are complex issues with much more complex answers.

Different Types of Mobile Applications

The App Development cost in India depends on the kind of app you want to create. For instance, developing iOS software cost more, and designing an android app development cost less than iOS. The general categorization of mobile apps in many characteristics is as follows:

Based on a Fee

1. Paid Apps

2. Free Apps


- Business Apps

- E-commerce Apps

- Gaming Apps

- Social Media Apps

- Informative Apps

- Weather Apps

- Finance Apps

- Entertainment Apps and many more.


- IoS

- Window

- Android

Apps for various platforms and purposes will be produced differently, as you can probably guess, and this will result in a range of development expenses.

App Development cost in India for iOS and Android

The difficulties and up-front costs associated with developing mobile apps in-house may discourage some businesses. These difficulties may be addressed, though, and the App Development cost can be decreased with the aid of the best app-building firm.

Let's look at some of the variables that influence the App Development cost in India:

- Constructing programs for a large user base

- Application types: offline and online

- Number of characteristics overall

- Development planning mobile web, hybrid, native, etc.

- Infrastructure on the Backend and related APIs

- The number of screens and other visual components

- The intricate nature of the Backend procedure

- Animation, user interfaces, and other special effects

- Services for application development may be onshore or offshore.

The cost bands can be perplexing when looking for topics like "how much does App Development cost in India?" or "mobile app development cost in India." A high-quality app should ideally cost between $40,000 to $150,000 or more per platform. The type, quantity, complexity, functionality, and design of the applications, among other things, may cause this cost to rise higher.

Different Applications and their App Development cost in India

Different types of mobile have different kinds of functionality and use. This solves the other type of purposes with some uniqueness in project requirements, technology stacks, and contexts. So, let's know the applications and App Development costs in India :

Basic Application

A basic app might not need a backend or a network connection and could be as simple as a calculator, a local game, or an audio/video player with five to six pages.

Cost of App: less than $16,000.

Duration: One month

Data-Driven Applications

In the data-driven application, there are several applications like calendars, weather updates, stock info, and maps. So, these applications need to be robust databases at the backend to function properly. Now, the cost of such apps can be a little bit higher than basic apps because it is capable of integration with third-party services. Also, it needs to be managed and controlled by the database.

Cost of App: Approx $16,000 to $ 32,000.

Duration: 1-1.5 months.

Authentication Apps

The two top authentication apps are Google Drive and the McDonald's Loyalty App. Here, to use the entire functionality of the program, you must log in with a single step. A professional development team will be needed to finish the project with authentication and login functionality and may enhance the App Development cost in India if updated features are included.

Cost of App: $60,000 or more than it.

Duration: 3-6 Months.

Social Networking Apps

Apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat are the most known examples of Social Networking Apps. So, these apps include activities like newsfeeds, social interaction, and networking facilities. Here developers need regular support from the backend infrastructure. And such apps need to start from the basic version or an MVP with the feature of security.

Cost of App: Approx $50,000 – $300,000.

Duration: 1-7 months.

E-commerce Apps

With their extremely engaging applications, Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, and Alibaba have established themselves as the top players in the eCommerce industry. To manage catalog pages, payments, users, orders, or inventories with a complex infrastructure, the e-commerce software needs a well-planned backend and admin panel.

Cost of App: $15,000-$75,000 Approx.

Duration: 6-10 months on an in-progress project.

On-Demand App

Popular on-demand apps like Postmates, Uber, and UberEATS meet the individual needs of their users. On-demand mobile apps need features like login, chat, calls, payments, delivery, customer feedback, and more, much like eCommerce apps do. Such apps also need a strong backend to control consumer data, payments, and other company operations. As the timescale for development lengthens, so does the expense of creating these programs.

Cost of App: Approx $22,000-$85,000

Duration: 2-7 Months.

Marketplace Apps

Examples of marketplace applications that incorporate elements from on-demand and e-commerce services are TripAdvisor and The underlying principle of these applications is demand and supply. These apps require frequent user engagement, and because their development takes time, the project's cost will ultimately rise.

Cost of App: $20,000-$90,00 Approx.

Duration: 3-10 months.

IoT & Hardware App

Hardware apps for the Internet of Things, such as Beacons, Amazon, Dash Buttons, and WeMo, connect actual things with digital technology. These apps can be thought of as intelligent tools, much like pet collars, medical equipment, and home help gadgets. Apps for IoT and hardware are built on backend platforms, which must be created and maintained for the apps to be dependable and useful.

Cost of App: $20,000 to $60,000 or more

Duration: 3-6 Months.

Which Is The Best Platform For Your Future App?

One of the most widely used platforms for developing apps is Android and iOS. Today's majority of apps are created for one of these mobile platforms. So, choose the appropriate platform for your new app and the cost of developing an android app and iOS app in India might be extremely complex. You can choose based on the following two considerations:

- Your Preferences

- Your Targeted Audiences

By preference, I mean the standards you have for the app's quality and security. You'll need to concentrate more on quality and security when developing your app because the App Store has higher entrance requirements. Also, the App Store is for you if you would rather pay a higher maintenance fee for improved quality and security. The fact that Google's Play Store has a larger user base than Apple's App Store is a clear advantage of creating your software for the Android platform. Also, you may anticipate that your Android app will have more downloads than an iOS app, which will increase your ROI.

Finding your target audience for the second step, i.e., could need some investigation. One thing to consider is whether your users prefer iOS or Android. For instance, you should choose Android over iOS if your target audience is from Asia or Africa because iOS is more popular in North America and Western Europe. This truth ought to assist you in choosing if you want to rely on the statistics. 1.244 billion Android phones were sold globally in 2017 versus 215.8 million iPhones during the same period.

How Much You Should Invest In App Development?

Thus, the only thing left to ask is: How much would App Development cost in India for creating? This is a brief evaluation. As we've already covered, an App Development cost in India is influenced by a variety of factors, including its features, complexity, developer fees, platform, etc.

Companies from all over the world spend $50k-$500k to develop an app. From beginning to end, the normal app-building process might take anything from a month to a year. Depending on the features and functionality of the app, the App Development cost in India like iOS apps might be anywhere between $38,000 and $171,000. On the other hand, producing an iPad app costs in the range of $5k – $150k. Now, the App Development cost in India ultimately depends a lot on what you want to create and who you hire to do it.

App Development Options For Those Who Cannot Pay High Amounts

Let’s accept it. Not everyone can afford high App Development costs in India or developers to get their desired apps developed. Only a small number of businesses employ huge men for the position. What About The Rest Of Them? Well, they choose a more affordable app development cost in India. There is no way you should give up on your aspirations when you have a unique app idea and are completely sure of it.

Fortunately, there are affordable alternatives to obtaining an app. For one, you can try searching for a small app development agency that is ready to offer services within your budget. In more affordable countries like India, you may easily find one. Using a bespoke app builder is an additional choice. There are many popular free/paid app-building tools that you can choose from. These tools are simple to use and ideal for creating straightforward (non-database) programs. But, you will need to use a professional app developer if you want to create a feature-rich, server-based program.

As Concluded

There are many advantages to creating a quality app for your company. As customers will connect with your company and services through your app, it will serve as the public face of your firm. The primary priority while creating an app should be giving the intended users a wonderful and welcoming experience. The App Development cost in India varies from app to app and from firm to firm. Make a thoughtful selection about selecting the best mobile app building firm by conducting research, speaking with others, and gathering information.

You must be aware by this point that it is impossible to determine the precise cost of building an app before it is developed. There are typically too many variables to take into account, as well as various app types. The best course of action is to locate and speak with a reputable app-building business. You can compare options until you locate the ideal app developer or business that is within your price range.


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