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Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development Services

A mobile app development company that builds robust apps for scalability of your business!

Regardless of your business model size, our mobile app development agency offers forward-thinking solutions tailored to your needs. We provide the best-in-class solutions in the market to elevate your competitiveness, supported by a highly skilled team of developers who stay abreast of emerging technologies.

Embark Your Digital Journey With Best Mobile App Development Company in India

WorkLooper is a reputable mobile app development company in India that creates a wide range of Android and iOS applications. Our dedication to providing custom solutions has led to our unmatched app development skills. We take pride in providing top-notch services as a leading mobile app development agency.

Our team at WorkLooper is made up of highly skilled experts who are committed to offering the best mobile app development services. Our core values are centred on building trust and are supported by a thorough comprehension of the demands of our clients. As a result, we constantly provide outstanding iOS and Android app development services that are customised to meet the needs of our clients.

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What Mobile App Development Services We Offer?

1. iOS App Development

Our mobile app development company opts for customised iOS application development solutions. We craft bespoke applications tailored to clients' specific requirements, ensuring seamless performance on Apple devices. From designing applications optimised for the larger screens of iPads to taking advantage of the unique features offered by iOS devices, our team works on iPad app development solutions with utmost dedication. The commitment to optimise iOS apps has elevated our market reputation. We work on enhancing the performance, user experience, and features of existing iOS applications through in-depth analysis and optimisation.

2. Android App Development

We offer native Android app development services to build applications specifically for Android devices, leveraging the platform's capabilities to deliver high-performance and intuitive user experiences. Along with tablet app development creation, which is followed by scalable and responsive applications optimised for a wide range of Android tablet devices. Our mobile app development company in India has earned pride for best-in-class Android app maintenance. We provide ongoing support, updates, and maintenance services to ensure applications remain compatible with the latest Android versions and devices.

3. Cross-platform App Development

Our mobile app development company offers the foremost React native development solutions. From developing cross-platform applications using the React Native framework to allowing for code reusability across iOS and Android platforms, our team functions all in to make you outshine your competitors. Flutter development and Xamarin development are among other services which we use to create cross-platform apps, enabling shared code and native performance for iOS, Android, and Windows.

4. Progressive Web App Development

Designing web applications that seamlessly adapt to various screen sizes and devices for an optimal user experience is our highy demanded services. Moreover, for better offline functionality, our team implements features that enable users to access certain app functionalities, enhances reliability and user engagement. Our mobile app development company also integrates push notification capabilities to keep users informed and engaged with the PWA, similar to native mobile apps.

Why Choose Us?

As a leading mobile app development agency in India, we are distinguished by our dedication to quality. Choosing us is choosing a team that embodies the knowledge, creativity, adaptability, quality control, and prompt delivery that characterise our method of creating digital solutions.

1. Integration Expertise

Our mobile app development company in India has years of combined experience and has refined our abilities to manage the constantly changing app technology landscape. From UI/UX design to API integration, our expertise guarantees that your project is in the hands of qualified experts.

​2. New-Age Technology and Innovation

We believe in creating online solutions using the newest and most cutting-edge tools available thanks to our dedication to staying ahead of trends and implementing avant-garde technologies.

3. Custom-Built Approaches

Client-centric approach is at the core of our mobile app development company’s strategy. Whether you're looking for robust iOS app development services or sophisticated android app development services, our app development agency works directly with you to understand your objectives.

4. Smooth and Functional Audits

Our mobile app development agency’s quality assurance method is characterised by meticulous testing, close attention to detail, and a dedication to producing faultless apps. We follow the industry guidelines from the beginning of mobile app development to the end of launch to ensure your users have a smooth and bug-free experience.

5. Firm Project Commitments

Our effective project management and optimised development process guarantee that we meet and frequently surpass deadlines. Selecting WorkLooper as a mobile app development company for your project means working with a partner who is committed to meeting deadlines without sacrificing quality.

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Process of Our Mobile App Development Company

Whether it is a consumer-focused app or a revolutionary enterprise-class solution, our proficient team of experts lead the entire mobile app development process from briefing and concept to delivery and ongoing support. We provide a full cycle of mobile app development services with precise integration and process.

Step 1: Strategy and Consulting

Starting with collecting clientele requirements and conducting meetings, our team create a clear outline stating app's goals, target audience, and unique selling points. Then we conduct a market research and decide platforms (iOS, Android, or cross-platform) based on the target audience and business requirements. After assessing the technical feasibility of the app, we consider required features and technology stack.

Step 2: UX/UI Designing

After the briefing stage, we create a basic wireframe to outline the app's structure and user flow. Then develop interactive prototypes for user testing and feedback along with designing app's visual elements, including color schemes, typography, and overall aesthetics. At last, our team of experts conduct user testing to gather insights and ensure design is responsive across various devices and screen sizes.


Step 3: Coding and Development

Our mobile app development company defines and selects the app's architecture carefully by choosing between native, hybrid, or cross-platform development. After which the front-end development and back-end development such as server-side logic, databases, APIs, and other components take place. With the integration of third-party APIs and the implementation of robust security measures, our team finishes this stage of app development.

Step 4: QA and Launch

Before the time of launch, our testers work effectively on conducting thorough testing and bug fixing, including functional, performance, security, and compatibility testing. After its completion, we prepare the app for submission to app stores, develop a launch plan and monitor its release after deployment. 

Step 5: Support and Maintenance

Establishing channels for customer support, such as in-app support, email, or chat is the crucial part on which our assistance works 24*7. From onboarding, troubleshooting, and general inquiries to feedback collection, we work on continuous improvement to inculcate emerging technologies. We also monitor security threats, app performance, user behaviour, and potential issues and enhance the app by adding new features and improving existing ones.

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