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What To Do After The Latest Google Update?

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

What To Do After The Latest Google Update?

Google Updates They are something that we have all heard of and, to some degree, all hate. You can still be harmed by other people's filthy work even if you're completely honest and always abide by Google rules.

Every year, Google upgrades its fundamental algorithms multiple times; these updates are often separated by a few months.

Even though this is a pretty foreseeable event, it always raises questions in the SEO world. However, there is great news: there are things you can do to progressively fix the problem and give your website the best opportunity at regaining lost rankings.

Let's go over the fundamental actions you may do both immediately following an upgrade and in the weeks that follow.

Stay Composed

There is no need for panic when your site traffic experiences a significant decline or even a complete collapse. However, freaking out is an entirely normal reaction. Revisions are made. In a few months, we'll witness another one.

Core upgrades are important to keep in mind because they often take a few weeks to roll out and can cause a lot of crazy, temporary changes in rankings. The good news is that SEO is a long game! Changes can be made to restore your pages to their previous state and even improve them when things go wrong.

It's crucial to remember that SEO won't bring you cash in a week, especially if you're just getting started. Just be calm.

So, maintain composure and defer taking any action on your website until after a major update rollout has been completed and you are certain that you have been negatively affected.

Check Out Lost Ground Content

It's time to assess why after you've identified which pages are having trouble after the update. The material that has been particularly negatively impacted by the upgrade has to be identified.

Google's Search Console and Google Analytics may be quite helpful in assisting you in identifying pages that have experienced large traffic declines. It's tempting to assume that the update caused variations in position or traffic, but this could simply be a coincidence.

Do You Tend to Avoid Using Particular Keywords?

Re-optimizing your titles, headers, and Meta descriptions on the pages that previously performed well should be your main concern if you only dropped down for a few specific keywords.

You may identify the variable and learn which pages need to be fixed by using an SEO tool like Google Search Console or a Semrush substitute. With this information in hand, you may now improve your website's SEO without consideration of the specifics of the most recent Google core algorithm update.

Have Reliable Backlinks

Not simply your harmful or poor-quality backlinks need to be removed. Creating quality backlinks is another requirement.

In general, you want to gain backlinks from authoritative websites, experts in their industry, have high Domain Authority, and have the same topic. A large number of backlinks from spammy websites will also attract Google's attention but in a red-flag manner. Create a spreadsheet of problem pages that have experienced a particularly abrupt reduction in traffic using the data from these tools.


Top digital marketing companies make sure that effective content marketing will always revolve around concentrating on your website and producing high-quality content that your target audience finds interesting. This reality will always be reinforced by algorithm updates.

If you're still having issues with Google traffic decreases or keeping up with Google algorithm upgrades, employing a Digital Marketing Company in India is an excellent choice if you have the money.

All of the tasks on this list can be assisted by top SEO Services in India, such as Worklooper Consultants Pvt. Ltd., including finding high-quality backlinks, offering competitive insights, producing high-quality content, choosing keywords, monitoring rankings, and more.

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