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What Are The Different Types Of Graphic Designing Services?

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Different Types Of Graphic Designing Services

Ever wonder how companies and businesses communicate with their audience or how they translate what their brand aspires to be? Yes, you guessed it right through the visual content. Shapes, colours, images, digital media and creative visuals, all are parts and types of graphic design services that are used to meet specific needs by strategically using aesthetic principles. They are significant in creating a strong brand image, and graphic design companies plan and project ideas to powerfully engage with consumers via visual storytelling.

Before moving further with types of graphic design services, let us gain insight into the importance of graphic designing for businesses. It is an important aspect for making a stronger first impression, building brand recognition and loyalty, optimising conversion rates, communicating effectively with the audience, and leading to higher sales. The designers use different types of graphic designing techniques and tools to illustrate better so that they can attract a larger audience.

A logo, poster, magazine cover, website layout, and product packaging all reflect a common link: Graphic Designing! Further in this blog, we'll take you on a tour of the inventive world of graphic design, breaking down its several types and elaborating on why choosing the right one is essential.

Most Popular Types of Graphic Design Services

The graphic design market is bolstering at a rapid pace due to the ongoing digitalisation trend, providing a wide range of services to meet the various needs of potential and existing consumers. To get a better understanding, below are a few of the most popular categories of graphic design services offered in India:

1. Visual Identity and Branding Design

The design sector in India excels in creating distinctive brand identities. For instance, a well-known illustration of successful branding is the logo for Flipkart, the largest online retailer in India. To give companies a recognisable visual identity, graphic designers create logos, business cards, and branding materials.

2. Web Design

Indian web designers are well known for their proficiency in developing websites that are both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. The website design of the well-known trip booking portal MakeMyTrip is one such example. They are experts in website design, guaranteeing user-friendliness and responsive layouts.

3. Print Design

With excellent print design services, print media continues to play a big role in advertising. Newspapers such as "The Times of India" include outstanding print ads that aim to draw in readers. Brochures, posters, and magazine adverts are among the services that help firms stand out in print media.

4. Packaging Design

Graphic designers are aware of the value of visually appealing packaging. The packaging for the Ayurvedic product brand Patanjali serves as one illustration. They design beautiful and useful packaging so that customers are left with a lasting impression of the products. These are among the most sought-after creative graphic design services in India.

5. Motion Graphics

The animation and motion graphics sector in India has gained international recognition. For example, Studio D is famous for creating the best and most amusing designs and provides the best graphic design services with a global remit. Their graphic designers offer captivating visual storytelling with their specialisation in animation, video graphics, and infographics.

6. Illustration

Character designs are among the custom graphics made by Indian artists. The well-known lifestyle company Chumbak enhances its brand image using humorous cartoons. Further, the trend of illustrator and vector art and high demand for e-books and marketing materials are expanding the growth horizon of the graphic design services industry.

Therefore, the aforementioned are some types of graphic design services offered in India. Graphic designers never stop pushing the envelope, providing original and inventive solutions to satisfy the changing demands of companies and brands. The graphic design sector in India is prospering and is an important part of the visual communication environment, whether it is for developing a brand's visual identity, improving user experiences on websites, or producing eye-catching print products.

Importance of Choosing the Right Type

It is crucial to choose the right kind and best graphic design services for a project. Your design decision should be aligned with the objectives of the business project, the target audience, and the message. For instance, a bright, cheerful design might be appropriate for a company dealing in the children's segment but would be completely inappropriate for a legal firm's website.

Graphic Design Services

Do you want to know more about how do graphic designs affect a business’s growth? Then, it implies that choosing the right type of graphic design can majorly impact the success of your project. As it enhances communication, promotes engagement, and leaves a lasting impression.

What are Common Mistakes to Avoid?

Using the incorrect type of graphic design for your project might result in miscommunication, a bad user experience, and a missed opportunity to engage your audience. Some common errors and mistakes to analyse are:

  • Not Studying Target Audience: Ignoring the target audience can result in designs that are unappealing because you failed to take their preferences and expectations into account.

  • Ignoring Brand Coherence: Potential clients can get confused and deterred by inconsistent branding across platforms and materials.

  • Less Significance on Mobile Design: Failure to optimise designs for mobile can alienate a significant section of your audience as mobile device usage increases.

  • Poor Narrative & Storytelling: An emotional response is elicited and a story is told through effective graphic design. If not done in the right manner, then it can lead to forgettable designs.

Take a Look at: Have you had your fill of information about types of graphic design services and their do’s and don’ts? If so, then choose the best graphic design company in India to bring your business ideas and goals to life. Know their creation processes, the team expertise, and the techniques and tools they employ, all at a single place.


Creating a design is as tricky as deciding what to eat while hungry. Your focus is clear, but your desire and cravings can confuse you about what to order. Similarly, when it comes to visual communication, businessmen are often explicit about their intended message for their target audience, but the "how" remains a question mark. So, understanding the types of graphic design services and how you can choose the correct one is pivotal. Furthermore, it's essential to familiarise yourself with common mistakes that graphic designers may make, so you can direct them effectively.

As of now, this blog would have helped you to provide the answer to all these questions and to understand whether investing heavily in top graphic design companies is worthwhile. Along with that, you should be confident of which areas you can focus more on from the distinct types of graphic designing services offered to enhance your business's growth.

Now, if you are aware of the types of graphic design services in India, you can select the most suitable one to line up with your business goals.

Finding the right designer won't be easy if you're new in this domain. You can take a helping hand from our professionals who can simply take your job to ideate and lay out a plan for creative graphic design services.


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