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Important Digital Marketing Tools To Boost Up Your Business

Updated: Apr 6

Digital Marketing Tools

Did you know there are 7.9 million Micro (Small) and Medium Enterprises in India alone? So, with the increasing number of small businesses, the business holder needs a competitive edge. If you are starting up a business there are a lot of ways to buckle up and rise in front of your competitor. Now, to accomplish this you have to find some great marketing strategies and get a hold of the best digital marketing tools for small businesses and large businesses.

In this post, you will learn about digital marketing tools, which will help you in starting up a business. Though you may be familiar with some marketing tools, others will be new to you. Also, these digital marketing tools 2023, will help you to easily work on social media marketing and project management to find a freelancer or agency.

10 Marketing tools to start Micro (Small) and Medium Enterprises

Now maybe everyone has the curiosity to scroll down and start reading about the amazing digital marketing tools in India or around the globe. So, we will not keep you long here, given below are the top tools used in digital marketing, including their features, pros, and cons, pricing, etc:

Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing tools assist you in designing and sending marketing emails, as well as monitoring the results of your campaigns to improve open rates and conversion over time. What's the big deal about email marketing? Did you know that email has a $42 ROI for every $1 spent? For most businesses, this is by far the best use of marketing dollars. Given below are the advanced Digital Marketing Tools of Email Marketing:


Mailchimp allows you to segment users within your audience to send them personalized and targeted emails that increase engagement. Also, it is a good platform for starting up Email Marketing, whether your need is for simple marketing tools or an advanced solution.

Price: The Plans are like this, you can choose planning according to your wish like, monthly billing or credits. Also, a limited free plan is present here if you have 2,000 subscribers.


  • Easy to use.

  • An excellent feature of the Freemium version.

  • Good Email Templates.


  • There is a limited feature of marketing automation.

Campaign Monitor

As the name says, Campaign Monitor is something more than an email marketing automation tool. It is the hub of email marketing campaign management.

Price: $9-149/hour. Advanced features and unlimited sending are available for an “unlimited” price of $29/month.


  • Advanced integrations and campaign management tools are available.


  • The flexibility of Design.

CRM Tools For SMBs

CRM is an abbreviation for "customer relationship management." A CRM platform is a collection of tools that allows you to perform a variety of marketing and sales tasks, such as lead generation, lead nurturing, and email drip campaigns. A good CRM will integrate with your other marketing tools and serve as a command center for all marketing activities. Given below is the Digital Marketing Tools of CRM:


Hubspot has built its brand on inbound marketing and lead generation software (ie, attracting potential leads by creating valuable content and personalized experiences), which is primarily the most effective marketing strategy for small businesses.

Price: It varies, check out the HubSpot plan, and the plan starts from $45/per month.


  • Excellent Integration

  • Have sources to help you learn how to use CRM.


  • Expensive functionality of Add-ons and Add-ups.


Zoho provides essential features and integrations at a reasonable price. This is PC Mag's top CRM software pick for 2021.

Price: $12-$45 per user/month and the most famous option is $35


  • For all businesses, it is a one-stop shop.

  • It has email marketing tool automation and communication tools.


  • Limited features are given for low price levels.

Project Management Tools

Project management software is required in all businesses, large and small. This is where a marketing team can work remotely together and put ideas into action. Fortunately, a small business owner or solopreneur can get a free version of most project management tools. Digital Marketing Tools of Project Management:


A chat platform is all the project management software most small businesses need. Slack provides this better than anyone else.

Price: $6.67 per user/month for SMBs. $12.50 per person/month for larger businesses looking for advanced tools.


  • Very easy and simple to use.

  • Adapted in huge and having worked from revolution


  • Constant notifications can be annoying, but turning them off defeats the purpose of instant messaging entirely. You may need to experiment to find the best way for your team to use Slack.


A brainstorming and project management platform built around kanban boards. It is a useful tool for developing your digital marketing plan.

Price: Small teams are free, while Business Class costs $9.99 per user per month.


  • Activates the brainstorming.

  • It is good for visual thinkers.


  • Lack of important integration like billing.

Social Media Tools

Social media tools enable you to post frequently and organise your social media presence. They're especially useful for pre-scheduling posts so you have a steady stream of content ready to go in your queue. There are no special tools required to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Clubhouse. However, without social media management tools, it is difficult to get the most out of these platforms. Given Below are the Digital Marketing Tools of Social Media:


A social media platform, its main function is easy scheduling of social media posts and WordPress integration. There are many great special features available for SM pros.

Price: $29/user/month.


  • Ideal for bloggers who want to schedule content across multiple social media channels.


  • Most small businesses do not require sophisticated content calendars.


A one-stop social media Digital Marketing Tool with a post scheduler and analytics and monitoring features.

Price: 1 user $49/hour, 3 users $129/hour.


  • Do scheduling with insights and analytics.


  • High Price

  • Hootsuite excels at a few things but not all of them. Even though Hootsuite has a scheduling feature, you may prefer the simplicity of Buffer.

Analytics Tools

Digital Marketing analytics tools are the intersection of marketing digitally and data science. Analytics numbers and insights will tell you if your marketing is effective. This data can also be used to target new customer segments, fine-tune your messaging, and increase traffic to your website. Given below are the tools for digital marketing analytics:


As mentioned above, interpreting the data is the secret to getting the most out of the data. BuzzSumo enables search to quickly discover content ideas, uncover data, and identify passionate social media influencers.

This digital marketing tool gives you insight into the raw numbers to help you unlock content opportunities and generate ideas.

Price: $99 to $499 or more per month


  • Includes competitive insights (to help you spy on the competition).

  • It helps to identify influential people in space.


  • Costly for all small businesses.


Supports the analysis of the conversion funnel, from the time a visitor arrives on your page to the time they convert. Instead of using old link-tracking software to effectively track your link building, this tool allows you to identify your leads and nurture your leads - a powerful marketing tool in the right hands.

Price: $299 to $499 per month


  • It's designed to give you the insights to help you get the most out of your marketing tools.

  • It goes beyond standard order tracking software, allowing you to segment the audience based on what actions they've taken and where they are in the conversion funnel.

  • Everyone who clicked on the ad entered the first bucket

  • Everyone from the first group who visited the landing page to the second group

  • Everyone in the second bucket who bought into the third bucket


  • Not very helpful if you're just starting and don't have many potential leads yet.

  • If you already know who your customers are (if you run a small-town bakery), then a lot of browsing data is meaningless to you.

  • This is a tracking tool, so you need to install an additional tracking pixel on the user.

Search Engine Optimization Tools

When was the last time you found what you were looking for, on Google's 8th page? People will have difficulty finding you if your business is on page 8th or page 2nd, SEO is the science and art of raising your ranking in Google search results. Without SEO tools, it's difficult to know where your site ranks about your competition and which keywords to target to improve that ranking. Given Below are the Digital Marketing Tools for Search Engine Optimization:


KeywordEverywhere is a Digital Marketing tool that provides search volume, competition, and other statistics for keywords searched on Google and shares suggested keywords to consider.

Price: Free. A one-time purchase of $10 is required to get started.


  • It's easy to use - it's a browser extension and takes 10 seconds to install

  • It is very easy to see the suggested keywords, as well as their competition and search volume.


  • It takes time to set up a one-time purchase of credits, set up your account first.

Content Marketing Tools

Content marketing encompasses a wide range of activities, from SEO copywriting and blogging to podcasting and user-generated videos.

What kind of content you create is determined by your company, your target audience, the marketing channels you use, and what you're good at or can afford to hire people to do.

Content marketing tools assist you in developing and publishing content. This includes everything from Photoshop to grammar-checking software. The content marketing tools mentioned in this article focused on building a website and designing basic graphics because those are two content marketing fundamentals that every business requires. You can start creating content once you have a website and a blog. Given Below are the Digital Marketing Tools and techniques of Content Marketing:


WordPress is a blank canvas to create any type of website. If you want to write an SEO-optimized blog, wordpress is the way to go. Fun fact: 40% of websites on the internet are built with WordPress.

Price: Varies depending on domain availability and whether or not you create it yourself.


  • Superior to other platforms like Squarespace in terms of SEO.


As Concluded

Starting or growing a business is difficult, but it does not have to be overwhelming.

The first step is to develop a solid strategy for digital marketing tools that include social media marketing, SEO, email marketing, and consistent, valuable content that truly speaks to your target audience.

To ensure your company's success, use the right digital marketing tools at the right time. This list is intended to assist you in your digital marketing efforts and bring you the success you seek.


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