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Best E-Commerce Platforms For Dropshipping

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Best E-Commerce Platforms For Dropshipping

The last decade has seen a quick rise in the popularity of dropshipping. The competition among businesses is increasing day by day and is expected to increase rapidly in the future. The world of technology has allowed dropshipping businesses to achieve success quickly and grow in popularity.

ECommerce and dropshipping have transformed the way products are sold online and businesses that have a store of their own are enjoying the benefits. Before going over the best eCommerce platforms, let’s know more about dropshipping.

What Is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is very different from the traditional method used for selling as those old methods needed store owners to have products in their inventory before they can list them online to sell. Once the inventory got empty, they had to make the product appear out-of-stock.

In dropshipping, you can list products even if you haven’t acquired them yet. You won’t need an inventory of your own to store the products. In this method, once the customer places the order, the store owner will send the required information to the supplier. Now the packaging, as well as shipping of the product, is the responsibility of the supplier. This is what makes eCommerce dropshipping different from traditional methods.

Best ECommerce Platforms For Dropshipping

The first and most important step in establishing a dropshipping business is choosing a suitable platform for it. Below are a few top platforms for dropshipping:


Shopify is the most popular and leading e-commerce platform for dropshipping that has the most users. It is a very beginner-friendly platform as it is very easy and simple to use. That being said, don’t let its simplicity define its quality because it is one of the most robust and top platforms. It provides tools that can be used by anyone to build an online store.

You will hardly ever face any technical issues and even if you do, their 24/7 customer support will be there to help you out. The plans of Shopify are budget-friendly. It also provides an effective eCommerce solution for businesses.


Magento is one of the most reputed platforms used for dropshipping. It is well known for its excellent customizability and extraordinary built-in features. It is an open-source platform and is free to download for everyone. It permits you to manage shipping costs and orders efficiently.

The biggest benefit of Magento is that you can build various online stores through just one platform. It has a free as well as a paid plan that can be selected according to your requirements. This is why it has been so popular as an e-commerce platform in the last few years.


The last few years have seen a surge in the popularity of WooCommerce as more than 5 million are currently using the plug-in. The reason behind this is that it’s easy to use while providing a lot of features and functions. You can easily set up your dropshipping store through WooCommerce and can also add checkout pages and product pages without any issues.

Compared to other open-source platforms, WooCommerce enables the store owner to set up and manage a dashboard with a familiar interface. The main reason behind this is that WooCommerce is built on WordPress. This is why it is exceptional for eCommerce dropshipping.


There’s no doubt that the way product is sold online has changed over the years and eCommerce businesses nowadays are making the most profit. But not every business can get successful especially if it isn’t able to build a store on a reliable and supportive platform. ECommerce solutions are important to make sure that your dropshipping business is running smoothly.


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