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Different Types Of Mobile Game Development Testing

Updated: Jul 6

Mobile Game Development Testing

Are you curious about the various forms of game testing that a mobile game goes through?

The testing of games is essential. The importance of testing in game development was highlighted when millions of dollars of revenue were lost as a result of malware in games.

Let's start with the basics before delving into the various types of mobile testing.

What is Game Testing?

Game testing is a method of software testing that is done to evaluate the quality of video games. To improve the stability and performance of a video game, the primary objective of testing is to find bugs in the game and fix them. Game testing is a step in the game production process that helps guarantee the bug-free quality of the final product.

If you test mobile games professionally, recreationally, or for a game development firm, You could gain some insights on the various methods for testing mobile games that are mentioned in this blog.

Now, let's learn about the various types of game testing.

Functional Testing

As the name suggests, this type of mobile game development testing looks for general faults with the user interface, aesthetics, stability, and integrity of the game's assets. These issues can include game mechanics as well. By documenting CPU, GPU, and battery-related data and keeping an eye on the functionality of the gaming device, essential game development tools should be utilised to maintain user-friendliness.

Compatibility Testing

A top game designer in India must make sure that the game runs consistently across a range of browsers, operating systems, and hardware configurations. The testers label any disparities between platforms, devices, or hardware or software configurations as issues and inform the development team about them. It's critical to do compatibility tests on the most widely used game controllers because games can also be controlled by external devices such as VR headsets, game controllers, etc.

Performance Testing

To evaluate the overall performance of the game, testers undertake performance testing. The main rule is that performance testing for mobile games must be carried out on actual devices with various device viewports! They'll look for frame rate decreases, freezes, and lengthy load times. Additionally, they examine how much CPU and memory your game uses. The game makers then improve it for improved performance and better hardware resource management, depending on the tester input.

Play Testing

This mobile game development testing is done to determine whether your game is enjoyable to play. Playing the game while conducting testing allows us to evaluate non-functional features like enjoyable elements, levels of difficulty, balance, etc. To evaluate the workflow, a chosen group of people plays the unfinished game versions. Playtesting is crucial since it enables you to spot problematic elements such as imbalanced gameplay, poor level design, and other concerns.

Load Testing

Load testing is done to analyse the capacity of the game server. It helps to determine the maximum number of players that can play the game simultaneously. With load testing, you can also check if the game is communicating effectively with the server or not. It varies with the basic server function and the different inputs of the game. Overall, by doing load testing, you get to know if your game will run smoothly or not.

Localization Testing

It guarantees the usability and functionality of the mobile game in a particular location. When a game is marketed to a global audience, localization testing becomes crucial. What happens if the game is popularized in markets where English is not the primary language? In these situations, it is important to adapt the game's content to the localization. Multilingual device testing and translation of game titles, content, and texts are required to make the game user-friendly.

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Conclusion - Mobile Game Development Testing

So, these were the essential types of testing processes that are done to check the quality of the game. Each type of testing has its own importance. It's your choice to conduct the type of testing and leverage game development services depending on your game. However, it is recommended to put your game through numerous testing procedures before releasing it. It is always beneficial to test your game before the final launch. This helps to resolve issues and improve gaming performance.

To speed up testing efforts, mobile gaming companies can bring on board a seasoned game development testing firm like WorkLooper Consultants Pvt. Ltd. To completely test the mobile game, the WorkLooper team may provide advice on the most appropriate testing tools. It's time for a game developer in India to benefit from outsourcing game development services in India, as there are several long-term advantages to doing so. Worklooper Consultants Pvt. Ltd. has its own team of top Unity 3D game developers in India, which minimizes bugs that occur in-game testing.

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