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20 Best Mobile Games in 2022

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Best Mobile Games

Despite earlier models, the recently released cellphones offer more functions than merely making calls, sending texts, and taking images. They are also regarded as miniature gaming gadgets due to the abundance of excellent mobile apps available on Google Play and the Apple App Store, but how do you choose which ones to download?

No one can overlook the many addicting games that are out there, and the majority of Game Production Companies in India have them in their portfolios.

List of the Top 20 Mobile Games in 2022

A list of the top 20 mobile games for 2022 has been put together by us so you can play them with complete satisfaction.

Let's start with our ranking of the top mobile games.

Epic Seven

Do you occasionally watch anime? Then we suggest you try Epic Seven in that scenario. Building a squad of heroes

and leading them in turn-based RPG combat as you advance through the plot is the focus of this free-to-play game.

Among Us

Given its uniqueness, this mobile game became well-known as soon as it was released. This game has elevated social trickery to the next level. The game assigns certain duties to the innocent participants that they must fulfill.

To the Moon

The game is an adventure with a clear narrative and a compelling plot. The doctors in this narrative gave their terminally ill patients the chance of a lifetime to change their irrevocable memories. Patients who choose this will be able to live entirely new life.

Candy Crush

The purpose of the addictive arcade game Candy Crush Saga is to match and swipe candies to achieve goals. It's difficult to put the game down because there are so many difficult levels to complete.

Subway Surfers

You must keep moving while dodging hazards and collecting money to gain points in this mobile game that is based on subway lines. To keep raising your score, stay away from crashing into the barriers and subways.

Horizon Chase

You will lose yourself at extreme speeds while racing with a competitive pack to get to the front thanks to the game's bright visuals and electrifying soundtrack.

Call of Duty

All players participate in this classic game of gunplay. Anyhow, users may now enjoy it on their smartphones and other smart devices. Simply load your weapons, leap into the action, and use all of your talents to win the most exciting action-fight game.

Pokemon GO

The industry's gaming standards have increased thanks in part to this mobile game. This game is different from others in that you must travel to play it, which accounts for its early success.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

It is an amusing zombie horde as well as an action-strategy adventure game where you must defend your plant collection. Your goals are to kill the zombies, feed your plants, and come up with a plan to get through each stage.

Mario Kart Tour

Since this game has an online multiplayer feature, you can also enjoy playing it with your pals. The game is wonderful, featuring excellent graphics and entertaining characters. The majority of individuals have consistently preferred Mario.


Several players land on an island in this action-packed, survival-based PC game, which has been thoughtfully modified to work on smartphones.

Angry Birds

It is entertaining to shoot birds at the bad pigs. After the popularity of their film, the Angry Birds franchise's mobile game generated a lot of talk in the business.

Sonic The Hedgehog

Since there are so many incredible games in the gaming world, including Sonic Hedgehog, retro games will never be out of style. Following the popularity of the Sonic Hedgehog movie's premiere, the game was first released.

Temple Run

Another classic-style endless runner game is available now. The goal of this running game is to keep moving forward while avoiding being captured by the large thing behind you. However, you also need to avoid obstacles and collect the coins.


Ballz is a simple mobile game that may be enjoyed by players of all ages. To break the blocks with a group of balls, this vintage free-to-play arcade game is pretty similar to the Breakout game.

Two Dots

To finish the objectives set forth for completion at each stage of this game, you must connect the dots and remove obstacles. New, difficult hurdles that are enjoyable to overcome are introduced with each stage.

Penguin Isle

It's a standout among the variety of casual smartphone games out there. The Player's primary objective is to create an island on which their penguins can reside. Although the game may at first appear to be monotonous, it has a strong addictive quality.


To complete the board in the puzzle game Woodoku, you must fill all the rows, columns, and squares. Gain additional points by clearing numerous rows.

Tiny Room Stories

The player assumes the position of a detective and must use all of his senses and reasoning to succeed in this game. As a detective, your job is to solve crimes that frequently take place in an abandoned town.

Helix Jump

It is great for people searching for a simple game. When the player jumps on the helix, they receive a ball, which they must then leap to the proper location to descend the helix tower.


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