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How Much Does Mobile Game App Development Cost in India?

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Mobile Game App Development Cost in India

Have you just thought of the most brilliant concept for a mobile game? That's terrific. The expense of implementation will likely come to mind next after considering the idea for your game.

Even though creating a mobile game can be expensive, a good Game Development Company in Noida and a focused strategy can make all the difference in the world.

Let's talk about what impacts game development costs.


For the platforms on which to build your mobile game, there are several options. Your target audience will determine which platforms you choose. Choose your target audience, then do some research on what platform they prefer.

There are three mobile gaming platforms: iOS, Android, and Windows. You should be aware that creating games for the iOS platform is more expensive than creating games for Android or Windows.

To reach your target audience on any platforms they like, you can also choose to develop cross-platform games. Even if your production costs may go up, as a result, cross-platform game creation is still less expensive than creating native games for several systems.

The Design's Layout

In addition to discussing and deciding on the key game elements, such as game levels, avatars, gameplay, and target audiences. Without a clear specification of the design output and structure, it will be harder to build the game art. The full cost picture becomes obvious at this stage.

Only a committed team of designers and developers, comprising players like UX, UI, game artists, and architects, can make it happen. Depending on their level of experience and industry knowledge, each person costs between $15 and $50 per hour.


After the game plan's conceptualization, the development stage is the most difficult. This phase can be costly and difficult, depending on the project's expectations. The quantity and quality of the rich feature a game have, as well as the technical difficulties it brings, both reveal the difficulty of game production.

Game Testing

One of the most critical phases for a casino game development company in Noida is testing. A game with glitches and sluggish graphics might damage your reputation and ruin a good idea. Your investment will not pay off if the process of promoting the game, in which you have made significant investments, is not done effectively.

The process of creating a game often takes two months or longer. During this time, you might think of even more incredible ideas for your game, and since adjustments to the project are now necessary, it is conceivable. Your game will improve as a result of these adjustments, but the price will be higher.

Development Costs of a Mobile Game in India

The intricacy of the game's components and the associated technical challenges are just two of the many criteria taken into account when determining how complicated a game development is. Based on the experience, the following generalization was made:

1. Mini Game Development Cost: ₹5, 00,000 – ₹10, 00,000

2. Basic 2D Games: ₹10, 00,000 – ₹20, 00,000

3. Complex app: ₹20, 00,000 – ₹50, 00, 000


An expert 3D Game Development Company in Noida is needed for the spectacular process of creating a mobile game. The decision you make when selecting a game studio can affect how successful your mobile game is.

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