The Biggest Mobile Game Development Trends of 2022

Updated: Sep 28

Considering how popular games have become, in the coming years, gaming will continue to enter the mainstream, and you'll notice important technology and developments in the sector.

Every industry is using gamification to make their businesses more scalable and adaptable. There is potential for international revenue streams from the trends in mobile game production.

The ability of the video game business to deal with risks and challenges will be strengthened by game development. If you decide to invest in mobile gaming, you should monitor new advancements to prevent this.

If you want to build gaming apps in 2022, let's talk about the trends that a Game Development Company in India is using. These trends can assist in forming your game most optimally and retaining players' interest in your brand and narrative till they are ready to play again. So let’s begin!

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  • Mobile cloud gaming

GaaS (Gaming as a Service), a type of mobile cloud gaming, teaches us the greatest living practices. Additionally, subscription models have more of an impact and are more motivating for developers. They can, after all, instantly relate the power of various payment systems to gaming. The servers are accessible to players, who may then begin playing with their friends.

  • NFT and Blockchain-based games

Not only are these platforms new, but these games are also quickly gaining a lot of popularity. NFT has a similar visual aesthetic to other cryptocurrencies like ETH or BTC. Objects like real estate, music, art, and more are frequently marked with this non-fungible token. Although NFT gaming markets have experienced tremendous growth, blockchain technology still offers strong stability.

  • Cross-Platform Gaming

In 2018, this video game craze first appeared. Games should be playable across a variety of devices, including tablets, laptops, and desktops, according to developers. Users can quickly find these apps because they employ cross-platform technologies.

  • ESports

The popularity of eSports is nothing new. The mobile game business has been using it as a trend for years. For seasoned players and avid gamers, you could think of it as a competitive game. From participation and audience perspective, the multiplayer online combat arena subgenre is the most well-liked. To earn the prize fund, players from all around the globe will compete. This means that in the years to come, eSports will likely continue to be a popular and consistent trend in game development and thus demand of unity game developer in India.

  • AR technology

Another excellent trend in game production is AR technology, which is familiar with the method of fusing game images and audio content. The pictures and material of the game can be viewed and explored by users in real-time. Huge sums of money have been invested in and are being developed for numerous VR games. Using these cutting-edge technologies when developing an app may increase the price of the project.


We anticipate the largest game development trends to accelerate in 2022 compared to prior years. Virtual or augmented reality will continue to develop in the mobile game sector, as was previously mentioned. Additionally, the future of mobile game production will be significantly impacted by these technologies.

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