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PHP vs Python: Compare Two Best Web Development Languages

Updated: May 7

PHP vs Python

Python and PHP are the two most effective programming languages that are suitable for developing websites and applications. It’s very hard to decide between PHP vs Python. The desire to create web-based services that are high-performing, scalable, dependable, secure, and adaptable has made it imperative to select a smart technical foundation, including the programming language. There are endless options for programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, PHP, etc. However, according to the developer’s requirements, choices, and objectives, developers choose the programming language to develop websites and apps. 

What is PHP?

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is an open-source, server-side scripting language that can open, write, read, close, and delete files, create files on a server, and produce dynamic page content. Because PHP is database-friendly, it can easily add, edit, and remove data from databases. PHP can also execute data encryption, gather data from your forms, support cookies, and manage user access in addition to these features.

Features of PHP

  • PHP is one of the simplest programming languages.

  • PHP supports several databases, including MySQL and Oracle.

  • This programming language is better than other scripting languages like ASP (Active Server Pages) and JSP (Java Server Pages) in terms of efficiency.

  • It possesses pre-established error reporting constants for producing a warning or error notification.

  • PHP provides access tracking by compiling a list of the user's most recent accesses.

  • It’s an open-source language.

  • Aside from supporting shell command-line execution, PHP provides many more features including regular expressions, PDO class, magic constants, and cookies.

What is Python?

Python is one of the best and easiest web development languages for creating a web application. Python programs are run one at a time, line by line, just like Java, C++, and C. Because of this, code compilation is not required, which speeds up and simplifies debugging.

Features of Python

  • A language that's easy and user-friendly for beginners

  • Python has a common interface that allows it to run on several systems.

  • Python interpreters can incorporate low-level modules.

  • Large codebases are well-structured and supported by Python.

  • Automatic removal of garbage

  • Python allows for interactive debugging and testing.

  • There are high-level dynamic data types available, and dynamic type checking is supported.

  • It connects with C, C++, and Java languages

PHP vs Python for Web Development

1. Easy to Use

PHP is not considered a common programming language because it is limited to using HTML to create dynamic website pages. 

Python is more productive than PHP as a result. Therefore, Python is more user-friendly than PHP. Python is a programming language that is easy to use, portable, open-source, and adaptable. Furthermore, programming in Python syntax is equally easy. Python scripting is simpler to understand than PHP coding.

2. Flexibility, Versatility & Scalability

When we are talking about Python vs PHP performance, they both are effective and best in their own way. Even with some fantastic recent enhancements to the language, PHP is less flexible to changing trends and rising needs.

On the other hand, Python has broad versatility, flexibility, and simplicity. Python also offers a large scale of web frameworks that are well suited to working on social media platforms.

3. PHP vs Python for Web Development

PHP was initially developed for web development. PHP could be a good choice if any developer wants to create a small or medium-sized, limited-featured application that is less complicated. PHP offers a platter full of features ready-made tools that can speed up or streamline the development process. It may also be a smart option for creating e-commerce and content management systems (CMS).

However, Python offers a broad library of options for web development. Python has strong features that make it ideal for developing apps utilizing Big Data, data science, AI, and ML, among other fields.

4. Popularity

Between Python and PHP, PHP is a more popular programming language.

On the other hand, Python is also a popular programming language for web development but not as popular as PHP.

5. Security

As compared to Python, PHP has less security.

On the other hand, Python has a strong security. Django, which has security protections to shield the apps from attacks, is supported by Python. For this reason, a lot of governmental bodies and financial institutions choose Python to create reliable apps with excellent security.

6. Debugging

PHP debugging may be a little bit complicated. Sometimes, a developer might have to put in extra effort to finish the debugging procedure. Nevertheless, it's easy to use a PHP debugger like XDebug, to begin debugging more quickly and finish it.

Similar to PHP, Python has excellent debuggers that are simple to use even for beginners, such as Python Debugger (PDB). So, just hit the "debug" button and begin erasing problems to create a more secure and functional program.


In the topic of PHP vs Python, both Python and PHP are outstanding and efficient programming languages for web development. In the debate of PHP vs Python, both have some special and unique features that define those languages individually. To get experts’ suggestions related to web development, you can contact the experts of workLooper Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

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