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How To Do Website SEO Audit In 15 minutes?

Updated: Jul 24

SEO Audit

You want to conduct an SEO audit, but you don't want to put a lot of time and effort into something that already appears to be functioning properly.

As a business owner, you probably already have enough to worry about, but it's essential to do an SEO audit to identify any potential flaws and safeguard your position in the search results.

How can you accomplish this in less time, though? In order to get the most out of your site and identify any faults that could lead to more serious issues in the future, we'll show you how to quickly audit your site and optimize in real-time. Let's begin!

1. Browseable Version Of Your Site

Search engines receive conflicting information on how to crawl your website if it has many variants of itself.

Your website might be present in multiple places, according to Google.

Your site's SEO ranking will suffer if search engines don't even understand how to display it to potential customers.

In effect, the crawlers are unable to determine which is the correct one. So enter each of your site's versions into a browser and make sure that they all link to the same URL. If not, configure a 301 redirect so that visitors are directed to the desired version.

2. Crawl Your Site

Give your website a crawl right this second. Broken links, repetitive content, unfavorable keyword density, and a variety of other issues will all be readily found by a competent crawler. This is frequently caused by botched sitemaps, issues in your robots.txt file, and HTTP code response faults.

3. Optimisation Of Page Titles

Due to the fact that title tags are the primary text used to describe your online content in a SERP, they are the second-most significant page ranking criteria. For homepage title follows a specific criteria. If you want Google to rank you better and when you include keywords that people in your domain would be searching for, using powerful keywords in your title tag is essential.

4. Manage Both Your Internal And External Links.

To ensure that users can navigate your website easily, it's crucial to review your internal and external links. There is a chance that pages will be moved or deleted, which could lead to broken links and upset site visitors.

To better comprehend the results, you should think about seeing the results by link, page, status, or flat view, depending on the size of your site and the number of links you have.

5. Test The Site Speed

One of the most important things SEO services in India can do is to test website to speed up the site's loading time. If your website loads slowly, you should increase its speed as your audience won't be patient. You may speed up your sites by using AMP or compressing pictures and CSS.

6. Conduct Routine Mobile Testing

The easiest method to make sure your website offers a good mobile experience is to test it periodically on a mobile device. Open your website on your phone or tablet every now and then, and spend some time browsing to see if there is anything that is difficult to access or finish. Routine testing is the best way to discover small issues that detract from your visitors' experience. If you want to hire someone to help you, do it.

7. Make The Website More Responsive.

Without restricting the information that mobile users may access, responsive design enables you to make your website mobile-friendly. The layout and presentation of a page may vary according on the size of the device screen.

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Hooray! if the SEO Audit was successful and you only have a small list of issues to resolve. Although you're at a good place, top digital marketing companies always find potential for improvement.

We may undoubtedly be of assistance if your SEO To-Do List is a little longer and you're not sure where to begin. You may approach digital marketing agency in India creates the groundwork for a high-performing, well-optimized site with aid from the SEO specialists at WorkLooper Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

This SEO company in India concentrate on strategies to improve your position, we attack SEO problems head-on, making sure we're employing the appropriate keywords, URL structure, meta tags, and more.

Contact us to get in touch with us right away.

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