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Why Does Blockchain Technology Hold So Much Value?

Updated: Apr 6

Why Does Blockchain Technology Hold So Much Value?

The popularity of blockchain technology is proliferating, but many businesses still don’t know its importance. Although it is estimated that one-third of the companies in the world have adopted blockchain technology, many major companies are yet to realize its importance.

Nevertheless, the demand for blockchain developers is increasing rapidly. It all started with the popularity and rise of the price of bitcoin. In today’s world, a person cannot underestimate the importance of blockchain technology as it is considered the future.

It Enables Digital Freedom

The world is full of entities that provide connectivity when it comes to the economy but in return take away our freedom. For instance, your bank can block your transactions anytime or even seize your account. There are many banks in this world that do this despite the fact that the account holders haven’t done anything wrong. On the other hand, because blockchain is a decentralized network, there is no centralized authority. This is one of the reasons why the importance of blockchain for business can’t be underestimated.

Through blockchain, you can take out your money whenever you want without needing the approval of anyone. The absence of a central authority makes you the owner of your assets and responsible for anything that happens to it. This gives you much-needed ownership of your digital assets in today’s world and true digital freedom. It’s a must to have a blockchain strategy in place at all times.

It Helps You Save Money

The involvement of middlemen and paperwork often makes you spend a lot of money and as a result, conducting a business proves to be expensive. One of the recent studies proves that blockchain can help in reducing the costs in the industry of financial services by anywhere from $15 billion to $20 billion.

It has also been estimated that by 2025 more than 100 billion dollars will be saved after the adoption of blockchain technology. An example of this can be an incident that happened in 2018 where a transaction worth $99 million litecoin was among the talks because it was completed within 2.5 minutes and the transaction cost was only $0.40. This has helped many businesses realize why blockchain is important.

It Supports Time Efficiency

Transactions through financial institutions often take a lot of time as it needs the approval of multiple individuals. The banks and other platforms that serve as transactional intermediaries are governed and run by normal people, there’s a limit to the number of transactions that can be processed in a day. If you want to complete a bigger translation through this method then it will take even longer because of a more complicated process of validation.

On the other hand, transactions through blockchain only take a few minutes to complete. The main reason behind this is that there are no intermediaries involved. This is the main reason why more and more businesses are looking towards blockchain technology for transactions.


Blockchain technology has constantly progressed because it provides safe and secure transactions which have affected almost all industries. People often think that blockchain is all about cryptocurrency. In reality, it’s much more than that as it is a decentralized network that allows people and businesses to keep track of transactions and share it.

If you are looking to make your transactions safer and only share them with a certain number of people without putting the information at risk then outsourcing blockchain development services will be ideal for you.


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