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Savile Row

Tailoring Tradition Catalogue


The Client

Summer Star is a clothing manufacturer that believes that there is always a better way to design and deliver fashion. It is not all about colors, designs, or fits—it’s about enjoyment. The company partners with world-class mills to deliver high-quality products. They believe in creating better designs, using the latest technologies. Every product they design comes with great excitement and elation. With the right combination of great fabric and design content—they truly believe their products will excite their customers. Their goal is not to compete with other fashion brands or focus on the latest colors and designs – it’s all about delivering products our customers will enjoy wearing.


The Brief

Savile Row is a luxury brand known primarily for its traditional, custom-made men’s suits. A collaboration between Summer Company and WorkLooper first started with the design of their stock catalog, which featured all the fabrics used to make the Savile Row suits. They shared an Excel file that listed all the fabrics with their individual details in an organized format. Each fabric was accompanied by its own collated data file containing information such as brand, type, fit, available colors, fabric name/quality, and more along with images for each one.


The entire catalog was to be designed depending on their customer base, brief, and social position.

Screenshot 2022-06-17 at 10.18.07 AM.png
Screenshot 2022-06-17 at 10.19.04 AM (1).png

The Process

The data for each cloth was separated and compiled in one file using the excel sheet. We had to design the cover page first, followed by one layout for the inner page, which was used for all items after it was approved.

We presented a few design possibilities for the inner page, in which we experimented with the header, footer, and information placement style. The photographs were modified in Photoshop by removing the background to fit the actual arrangement and polishing to remove any wrinkles that were obvious. Since the fabrics were to be placed manually, we defined the area with a small top mark, so after printing was done, the fabrics were placed on it. Because this catalog included two brands under the Summer firm, Savile Row and Bruton, the dividers were meticulously created to distinguish the section separators.


Following the completion of the design, we check the catalog through preflight within Adobe InDesign mode to identify and correct any printing mistakes. We had to maintain the number of pages divisible by 4 for the catalog to be suitable for printing, and a printable PDF with bleed area and trim marks was shared.


The Challenge

To produce this catalog and attain perfection, we had to overcome a few obstacles. Firstly, since there were so many photographs to edit, it took a long time to remove the background and creases from each one. We also had to make sure there were no distracting aspects in the photographs because the client was very particular about image quality.


The size of the cover page had to be larger in height and width than the inner pages, which was a major issue.


We needed to create the spine region, so we had to print a regular bond paper of that size to observe the exact proportions. It was difficult to manage data from many excel files that were shared, so there was a lot of back and forth.

We also wanted to supply a printable file, so we had to pay attention to any margins/bleed areas and make sure we didn’t overlook any important details.


The Result

The entire catalog came out quite creatively, and the client was very pleased with it. Since the client made this catalog public, it received a lot of positive feedback from customers, so they came back to us with the next two sets of catalogs for their new collection.


The front and rear covers were printed on rigid cardboard, and the inner pages were printed on 180 GSM paper, after which the fabric cut-outs were inserted in the designated location.


We sent the InDesign file, which included all the raw files for the altered photos and icons.

The final look as a mockup
work in progress

The final look as a mockup

work in progress

Group 66.png

Truly “Creative” in their work !


I have tried about half a dozen of design consultants who say they are in “Creative design” trade – but in reality most of these consultants submit what you ask for.. when you just give them design brief and expect quality output – almost every time you will be disappointed.


But I can vouch for Divyajot and her team for their creative and design capabilities, they take their time to listen to your needs and their delivered products are always – polished, niche and beautiful. I really enjoy every journey we have taken with them and highly recommend to any small to medium enterprises who needs quality output. Love their work!!


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