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How To Create A Multiplayer Game In Unity

What? You desire to develop a multiplayer game. Are you crazy? It's challenging to do this.  when it comes to development, few things drive a developer more crazy than multiplayer since it's tough to test, difficult to debug, and can contain flaws that are practically virtually impossible to create — unless, of course, you display your game even when all your coding is working properly, it might still break due to shaky network connections.

Multiplayer games are completely worth it, despite the difficulty of making them. In this blog, we'll show you how to create a multiplayer game in Unity that runs on several device types.

Develop a game website strategy

Gaming websites are available in a wide variety of forms, just like games themselves. You must first have a distinct vision for your site before you can begin to create your own. Think about the information you want to post on your gaming website and what you want it to emphasize. Since everything that follows will depend on how you set up your site, this is an essential initial step. Your domain name choice will also be impacted.

Get going

Unity must first be set up on your computer. Installing the most recent version of Unity from within the Unity Hub is the best way to accomplish this.

Download the base project and open it in Unity once you have the program in hand. To ensure that the game window renders appropriately, you should make the necessary adjustments before proceeding.

Making a Lobby

As this game will be multiplayer, it's important to note that we'll need a means for players to distinguish between different versions of the game so they can join, play, and watch.

So that when they click a button to load a game, participants can enter a unique ID for the game they want to join.

Keeps the game state

We may write a brand-new C# script to handle the game ID persistence. Any set of variables can be added and persistently stored here, including the ID of the current game.

Make an Empty game object and call it in the Lobby Scene. Add the C#script therein. This object will now remain in place between scenes, along with the script that's associated!

Changing scene

Making the submit button operational is necessary now that we can persist a game ID. Specifically, the button mustreflect the input entered into the input field, change the value of GameID in the C# script, and can activate the game's scene.

To accomplish this, add the necessary code to the Join Game script, a new script that is attached to the button.

Adding multiplayer capabilities

Now that the lobby has been established, we can begin considering how to add multiplayer capabilities. We'll start with client-client communication because it is the primary user interaction, which is placing creatures to battle the hordes of opponents

Configure a gaming server

This is the stage that could sound the most difficult out of all those involved in learning how to create a game. But it needn't be as challenging as you might imagine it to build a gaming server.

Multiplayer test

Try out online multiplayer on your device by launching two separate instances of the game.You can test your game locally and confirm that the servers for both games are linked, allowing for online communication.


Now that you know more about how to make your own multiplayer game, I hope you can understand it better. For new coders, it is undoubtedly difficult, but it is by no means impossible.

Keep in mind that there are numerous game engines available to you that can be quite helpful when developing multiplayer games. Use the appropriate resources, but make careful to do so.

It can be challenging for you if you have never developed a multiplayer game. Using a web development company to make a multiplayer game for you is the best course of action.

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