To start with WordPress, a fun fact is that it is older than Facebook and Twitter. Yes, its first version was published in the year 2003. Currently, it powers nearly 23% websites and dominates 76.4% of CMS (content management system) market share.

WorkLooper excels in WordPress and understands its vast demand. WordPress is a word that we’ve either seen, heard, or used. It’s available in 68+ languages, giving an opportunity to WorkLooper o cater to clients from different sectors.

Having an expertise in PHP, MYSQL, and JavaScript, WorkLooper is without any hesitation pacing when it comes to WordPress because it’s written in PHP and MYSQL. Meanwhile, 20% of WordPress is written in JavaScript.

WordPress and WorkLooper go parallel and in full harmony. WordPress currently has 1.48 billion plug-in downloads and comes with an auto-update system. WorkLooper uses its features and provides the best of experience to its clients.

Why choose WorkLooper for WordPress?