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Rummy By WorkLooper – Let’s Play

Rummy being one of the most famous card game holds a strong gamers market where users enjoy challenging the opponents. With immense experience in game development Rummy by WorkLooper Consultants is one of it’s kind.                                                     


We know what the market demands, hence have an exclusive game product which will not only support your gaming passion but will also attract make gamers out there. With multiple modes, WorkLooper’s Rummy is a fun and interesting game which will keep you on edge of your seats.

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Rummy is a game based on matching cards of the same rank or sequence and suit. The basic concept in any rummy is to form melds which can be either sets (three or four of a kind of the same rank) or runs (three or more sequential cards of the same suit).

• Login and Registration  
• Private Table 
• Multiplayer modes for up to 4 players 
• Real-time match with other players 
• One-on-one game 
• Exclusive in-game store for exclusive deals 
• Trendy graphics and interface 
• Payment Gateway Integration 
• Leaderboard 
• Game History 
• Transaction History
• Refer & Earn 

Game  Modes

Point Rummy

It is addressed as the variant of 13 cards Indian rummy where players play for points with pre-decided amount value. One player who make the first valid declaration wins the game with 0 points and win all the cash based on the opponents total points. In simpler words it is 3 card rummy played amongst 2 – 6 players with 1 or 2 decks.

Pool Rummy

In this mode players pays a fixed table fee that goes to the prize pool of the game. It is played in 2 formats: 101 pool and 201 pool. Players who scores 101 points (in 101 pool) or 201 points (in 201 pool) get eliminated from the game.

Deal Rummy

The players play for a pre-decided number of deals. At the beginning of an online deals rummy game, all players are given a fixed amount of chips to play with. At the end of each round, the winner will win chips from the losing player based on the scores.

Pure Rummy

 This holds the same basic concept off Rummy, where a player will have to form group of three or more cards of the same suit, placed in consecutive order. To form a pure sequence, a player cannot use any Joker or wild card.

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