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Ludo By WorkLooper – Let’s Play


Ludo is one of the most popular board games in the gaming market and is best to play with family and friends. Ludo by WorkLooper is the latest that you can download, install, and play on your mobile right now. We aim to provide best Ludo Game App Development services.

With high-quality modes, players can participate and earn real money in this game of skills. This game is colourful and fun with lots of amazing features. Now, you can also Play Ludo Game Online with anyone around the world and as well as with your friends and family.


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The game has the same concept as original board game Ludo. With minimum of 2 players and maximum of 4 players can compete, and each player will have four tokens which they should race from the starting point, i.e., from the color house to the final point, i.e., the home of the game board. The rolling of dice decides the number of steps the token can advance on the board.

As a summary, the player has to move all four tokens around the board to the center of the board. The first player who brings all his/her four tokens to the game center is declared as the winner of the game.

• Login and Registration  
• Private Table 
• Multiplayer modes for up to 4 players 
• Real-time match with other players 
• One-on-one game 
• Exclusive in-game store for exclusive deals 
• Trendy graphics and interface 
• Payment Gateway Integration 
• Leaderboard 
• Tournaments 
• Customized chats and emojis in gameplay 
• Power up buttons 
• Share winnings with friends 
• Support Tickets 
• Game History 
• Transaction History
• Refer & Earn 
• Invite And Earn 
• Chats and Emojis

Game  Modes

Classic Mode

This game mode follows an original ludo rules. There are 4 pucks which are all in locked position at the starting of the game. Each puck will get opened if 6 is rolled on the dice.


Player has to take all 4 pucks to home in order to win the game.

Rapid Mode

There will be a total of 36 moves in this mode. Each player will be able to see all 36 dice number in advance which will come next.


1 puck will always be in open position for each player. Player can use this to strategise his game and win against the opponent.

Score Based Mode

As the name suggest, this mode is based on the scores of each player. 2 pucks will be in open position at the start of the game. As the number rolls on the dice, that same number is added as the score.

If a puck of any player gets killed, the number of blocks he goes back will be deducted from the score. At the end whosoever gets highest score in the given timeframe wins the game.

Private Mode

Already have a team of players, don’t wait for opponents. Play with your family and friends through the Private table. Create your own customised table and choose from the 3 modes. Share the code with your friends and challenge them to compete.


• Admin Dashboard
• Create Sub Admin
• User Management
• Offer Management
• Game Records
• Leaderboard Management
• Payment History
• Taxation Management
• Revenue Management
• Game Table Management
• Commission Structures
• Referral Program

ludo admin pannel
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