What is the Best Strategy for Creating Viral

4 Jan 2019

Social Media is a great tool if used right. WorkLooper maintains a great leader when it comes to exploiting the benefits of social media. Our content writers and digital marketers follow these steps that we’ve learned over time:

Some Tips for Viral Content

Target Audience: Know what your audience is. You must not target your product interest to people that are not even remotely connected to it. This would result in zero response and failed campaign. Research regarding your audience would give you a simple hint of what kind of content they’re expecting, and what kind of a response your content will get. A little insurance regarding the content is always beneficial.

Optimal Content: The content shouldn’t deviate from your end goal. It must remain in the same context to educate your audience about your end goal in order for you to get maximum engagement. Keep your content to the point, and as crisp as it can be.

Beautify it Through Videos: Make attractive videos for your content. Such videos are often guaranteed to make a greater impact than just ‘content’. They have a higher likeability of being shared and liked. Videos make your content more interactive and reach out to a way bigger audience. They are easily spread within people and are often considered to be more entertaining.

Create Emotional Connection: Use emotional appeal. People often like to reach out to the content that they can connect to. If it’s relatable, there’s a better chance of your content to spread because people often want to share their thoughts.

Out of the Box: Who doesn’t like surprises? Write content that will leave your audience gaping in awe, totally out of the blue. It’s the adrenaline rush that matters to the audience. They need the content that excites them. Be it controversial or exciting, out of the box content really helps you reach a vast audience.

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