What Brand Color Say about Your Business

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Brand Colors your business

Have you ever think about the role of colors and what brand color say about your business.  Here is a quick fact for you- a study shows that 60-80% of the purchases are affected by the product color. Therefore, it is very important to understand the psychology of the Brand Colors whether you are going to design your logo or any product’s packaging.

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Color, Psychology, and Impact

Now, we know the importance of picking the right colour. Let’s find out what brand color say about your business. According to research –

Blue stands out among every colour as 33% of the top companies use blue and its shades for their logo. 29% have used black or greyscale, 28% use red, and 13% go with yellow or gold. There are many companies who have used more than one colours for their logo but 95% use one or two colours for their logo. Also, it is very important to know that it is really necessary to use texts or the company name in the logo as only 41% of the top companies use text in the logo.

What Colors Represents?

Every colour is associated with psychology and represents one or another human behaviour or emotion. Let’s have a look at some of them-


Red is a colour which represents passion, aggression, excitement or energy. It goes well with brands associated with food, technology, agriculture etc but does not find a place with travel, clothing, finance etc.


Purple colour represents royalty and elegance and it is often linked with spirituality. It fits perfect with healthcare, finance and technology while it does not go well with agriculture and energy (electricity, petroleum etc.)


Blue is the most favourite colour of the marketers as it represents trust, security and confidence. This is the reason a majority of top companies like to go with blue for their logo. It goes well with most of the brands except cars, food and clothing.


Green represents calmness, comfort and freshness and that is why it is good for food, finance, and the housing industry. However, you should avoid using green for clothing, airlines and car brands.


Yellow reflects positivity, creativity, hope and happiness and is a perfect choice for food, energy and housing brands but may not work with technology, finance, travel etc.


Orange is a cheerful and friendly colour and can be used with technology and healthcare sector. But it should be avoided with finance, airlines, cars etc.

Other Brand Color

Black and Brown represent stability and strength whereas white is used for representing simplicity and cleanliness.

Finally, we come to know what brand color say about your business and how important they can be. Furthermore, using different colours for different products or business type can boost the business.

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