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Unity 3D Game Development – Pro and Cons

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Unity Game Development

Back in the days, developing 2D and 3D games was very tricky especially developing a high-definition game for various platforms. It was tiresome, consumes a lot of time, and money at the same time but then Unity3D change the whole picture. Since its release, game developers from around the world took Unity 3D game development to the next level.

Unity 3D is a powerful game engine that offers exceptional game development for mobile pc and consoles. Not only that, it covers more than 25 platforms and various devices for extraordinary game development. Furthermore, unity 3D is known for providing very useful features and services such as intuitive tools, clear documentation, ready-made assets, tutorials and online community at free to create amazing 2D and  3D content in the games

Unity3D Game Development – The Good and the Bad

Game developers just love Unity 3D, not all but most of them do. According to a report, more than half of mobile game developers prefer Unity 3D and not only that it has a 45% global share in the market. It’s amazing but like any other game engine or software, unity 3d has its pros and cons. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of Unity 3D in mobile game development.

The Good – Pros of Unity 3D

Multi-Platform Support

The best thing that mobile game developers love is Unity 3D’s support for multiplatform. Furthermore, it can extend and shared between various mediums such as PC, WEB, and mobile. Besides, multi-platform support they also provide speedy prototyping and frequent releases.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Unity 3D offers ideal scripting features for the game developers for smooth game development. The text IDE is a simple yet powerful tool to write code that let the game developer develop the games without any confusion.

Awesome Graphics

You have a game engine that supports 27 platforms and runs on various devices flawlessly. So, it’s obvious for unity 3D game engine sport awesome graphics.

Superb Documentation

Unity 3D is best for both a noob and a professional to develop excellent mobile games. Interestingly, Unity 3D offers superb documentation and explanations about almost everything even minute details.

Excellent Debugging System

Unity 3D is also known for its excellent debugging system. Unity 3D game development is by far the best when it comes to tweaking and debugging. Furthermore, a Unity game developer can debug the game during gameplay.

The Bad – Cons of Unity 3D

Few Graphic Tools

Although unity 3d has awesome graphics output it lacks sufficient graphics tools. Unlike Unity 3D, its competitors offer an array of graphic tools but that doesn’t mean Unity 3D is a bad choice.

Little Expensive License

If you are looking for the best then you have to pay a decent price. Similarly, if you want great graphics, performance, etc you need to purchase a license from the Unity 3D. Moreover, these licenses are not cheap at all; you have to a decent amount to experience the best.


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