Top Hyper Casual Games 2020

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Hyper Casual games are the newest trends among the mobile game industry and people love it. The entire nature of hyper casual games makes them appeal to a larger audience base. They are simple and easy-to-play in nature that allows players to play these games anywhere anytime despite their age and gender. There are many top hyper casual games android but we have the top ten out of them. Here they are –

Top Ten Hyper Casual Games for Android – 2020

Refix Wall#1 Refix Wall

Developer – Zig GamerX

Refix Wall is one of the best hyper casual games that is easy-to-play with simple gestures like swipe down and swipes up for duck and jumps respectively.

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#2 High Flyers

high flyers

Developer – WorkLooper Consultants Private Limited

High Flyer is a challenging game with ultra-smooth gameplay. It comes with colourful yet challenging obstacles and shapes of various kinds. Your job will be to protect the balloon from the many obstacles in the way.


#3 Corner Cross

Corner Cross

Developer – Qalijl Studios

Corner Cross is an endless ball arcade game where you tap the screen to switch directions of the ball, and quickly avoid collisions with oncoming obstacles. In this casual endless ball arcade game, you need to move with speed and skill to avoid hitting the obstacles.

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#4 Flying Condor

the flying condorDeveloper – WorkLooper Consultants Private Limited

The Flying Condor is touch-to-play hyper-casual game filled with amazing visuals and graphics. Your mission is to save the condor from various challenges on the way. The longer you stay alive, the higher the score you will get.


#5 Dash Light – Addicting Hyper Casual game

dash light

Developer – FrevoApps

Welcome to the world of Dash Light! Throw the ball and try to pass through the blocks. Be careful not to hit the spikes if you do not want to lose the game and end up losing!

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#6 Bear Runner

bear runnerDeveloper – WorkLooper Consultants Private Limited

The bear runner is a fantastic game with texture graphics. It is a simple game at the same time very challenging. Run on a five-way lane surrounded by an otherworldly environment and a mysterious horizon. But that’s not all, somebody put rocks on the lane and you have to avoid crashing on them when you are running wild.


two lines#7 Two Lines – Addictive Endless Hyper-Casual Game

Developer – KittyDevs Studio

Two Lines is a new hyper-casual, endless addictive game that will keep you playing for hours nonstop! Our game is very easy to play but very hard to master. Your main objective is to let the two lines go as far as possible without hitting obstacles.

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#8 Jumper

JumperDeveloper – WorkLooper Consultants Private Limited

The jumper is a click-to-play game where you will control a cute cube on colourful squares. It is easy to play a super addictive hyper-casual game designed to sooth you up. Climb high with the highest scores and brag about it on the social media channels with the top hyper casual game.


#9 STRIKER – Challenging and Fun game for free

StrikerDeveloper – Gods’eye Developers

A deceptively simple game about timing. Timing is everything. Striker is a fun-to-play hyper casual challenging game. It is available free on Google Play.

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#10 PingPong Ball – Shapes Jump Hyper Casual Game

ping pong ballDeveloper – Casual Games & Apps

Simple but challenging game. It is an amazing touch-to-play game with three levels with different speeds. The best hyper casual game for time pass where you have to tap the screen to avoid collision with triangles.

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Check these top hyper casual games that you can play freely anytime you want. just download and have fun.

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