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Top Games on Google Play Store 2020 for Everyone

By November 29, 2019 December 12th, 2019 No Comments
Games on Google Play

There are hundreds of games on Google Play, available to play and you can find the right one that suits your taste. Games are generous and they are made and designed to speared happiness. Therefore, these games on Google Play are targeted to adults and kids. Then they further categorised on the basis of gender and so on. However, there are several games that can be enjoyed by any age group and any gender at any time and place (We are going to mention a few). They are easy-to-play and are a perfect boredom killer.

Top Five Games on Google Play to Lighten up Your Mood

There are so many games on Play Store that sometimes are a very good game and somehow they get unnoticed. So, today we are going to list five top underrated games on Google Play.


Winchieve is not a game but an app that hosts many casual games. Games such as pizza slice, cube ball, etc. are loved by all. Therefore, Winchieve gathered all the loved games and put them all in a single app. Winchieve is a magic box with various kinds of spells in it. On the one hand, it has many games and on the other hand, it is a multiplayer game with chat functionality. There is a leaderboard dedicated to every game where you can showcase your gaming skills.


This game needs no introduction; it’s been a major part of Indian kids for a long time. Now, with the rise of mobile games, there is a digital version of every mobile game. Ludo by WorkLooper is one such game that provides the classic Ludo game experience. This game allows the players to play online with other friends, family and people from around the world. It has 1-on-1 and 4 player Ludo options that you can enjoy anytime anywhere.


Chess is developed WorkLooper as well and it has the best UI with no lags or anything. This game is developed only for hardcore chess game players. So, if you are looking for a classic chess game with only core features in mind then go for chess by WorkLooper. This game has 2700+ ELO ratings, which means you have to have a grandmaster lever grey matter to beat all 30 levels available in the game.


This game is another name of fun and natural beauty. Crush-O-Mania is a drag and match style puzzle game that allows the player to crush juicy fruits. It has all the flavour fruits that we all love such as oranges, lemons, banana, and more. Furthermore, it allows you to have experienced various challenges throughout the game and have enough stages to engage you for weeks.

High Flyer

This is a hyper-casual game with soothing interface and gameplay. High Flyer is developed by WorkLooper. Do not take this game lightly because as the game progress more challenging it gets. You gave an option to choose from a balloon, Hot air balloon, and an umbrella.

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