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Top Features of Responsive Web Design

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Top Features of Responsive Web Design

Nowadays, there are a number of ways a user can check their websites on, be it a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. Responsive web designs are the reason for the compatible nature of the website to any device they are being surfed on. In short, responsive design allows the website to adapt according to the screen size of the device. That being said, let’s move to the important features of the responsive web designs.

Top Features of Responsive Web Design

It is highly important to have a responsive web design for your website for a number of reasons: First, it gives positive user experience; second, decreased maintenance; third, improved SEO; fourth, no redirects, and finally, the simple analytics reporting. Let’s dig deeper-

Positive User Experience

You can say that responsive web is equal to positive user experience. You may ask why? So, the simple answer will be the nature of the web design and how it can adapt to a different screen. For instance, In my office, I use my desktop to surf a website and I use my mobile to surf the same website when I am not at the office. If the design of the website is responsive it will switch to desktop to mobile depending on the device I am using. This will allow me to have a smooth experience without me even noticing. I will have a positive response towards the website, definitely.

Decreased Maintenance

Not so long ago when PCs were dominating, most of the websites were designed to that screen ratio. Now, we have mobiles and tablets of different screen sizes. So, now, consider a situation where you have a website for the desktop. Now you want to target mobile users so you created a mobile-oriented design. Now, you technically have two websites, one for mobile and one for desktop. This will result in high maintenance whereas if you had opted for a responsive design for the website. Then you would have less stress of maintenance.

Better SEO

Do you know, Google gives priority to the mobile-oriented websites and indexes them first? We all know that the number of mobile users is increasing day by day and with those internet users are also increasing. Google loves what people love and it is always the priority of the search engine. This simply means that, if you have good web design that works smoothly on any screen type, it will be desired by the users.

Simpler Analytics Reporting

Analytics is very crucial for evaluating the progress of your strategy. Simpler analytics means easy report management and planning and responsive designs allow you to have simpler analytics reporting. Therefore, it is safe to say that you must get rid of your old website and adopt responsive web designs. Not only responsive web designs are good for simpler analytics reporting. But also it is good for monitoring the user-interaction on the websites.
Now, it’s clear that responsive web designs are a necessity. If you are still stuck with the old designs then you must switch to the modern design.

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