Top 3 Retargeting Strategies by Advertising Companies in Delhi

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Advertising Companies in Delhi

The advertising industry is all about selling goods and services effectively to the consumer. And the main focus of ad agencies is to attract more and more customers to sell a certain product or a service. Retargeting also popularly known as “Remarketing” is a method used by Advertising Companies in Delhi to retain/retarget the customers.  India is a huge market with huge potential for market success.

Top 3 Retargeting Strategies by Ad Agencies in India

Retargeting is a solid strategy to adopt to retain and convert most of the visitors them into buyers. WorkLooper – Advertising Company in Delhi adopted this method of retargeting potential buyers. They follow a simple pattern of retargeting and that is –

User – (visits) – Website – (Leaves) – Your Ad – (Watches)

Let’s find out the top three retargeting strategies by Advertising Companies in Delhi–

Retargeting Particular URL Visits

Retargeting certain URL visits is one of the most sought methods by ad agencies in Delhi. For instance, a certain URL is visiting your website on a regular basis without buying anything any services/product you are offering. In other words, visitors just needs a little push to buy things. Create ads targeting according to most frequent visited URL’s then tell them about the benefits of the product/services.

Retargeting Existing Customers

If you really want to grow your business to its full extent then you must focus on all of the customers and that includes active and inactive customers. A 360 degrees approach will allow any advertising company to exploit every resource there is. In most case, customers use your services and never look back which means you are gaining new customers but also losing the old ones. You can use Facebook ads or AdWords to lure them back in offering amazing deals.

Lead Generation Ads for Ample Engagement

Many Advertising Companies in Delhi use this method as one of the main retargeting strategies. Furthermore, Facebook is considered the best platform for lead generation for ample engagement for the possible conversion. Interestingly, There is a variety of options available through you can retarget your customers.


Using simple techniques like these, ad agencies retarget their possible visitors into possible customers. So, if you are looking forward to using the retargeting strategy – you must have complete knowledge of all the stuff related to this method.


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