Top 10 Branding Ideas for Your Next Event

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Top 10 Branding Ideas

Events can be very effective for the branding of your company. Whether you are hosting your own event or attending any other event, you need to have the best branding ideas to make it successful. You can always experiment and bring something new to your event.

Top 10 Branding Ideas – Must Try

Branding gives an outer world exposure to your brand or business. Once it happens people start to know your services and products better. In other words, branding acts as a catalyst between you and the consumer. So here are the top 10 branding ideas for your next event.


This is a very basic setup and it does not require a lot of investment for it. You can simply have your logo printed on the PVC banner and have it on the events. That will certainly improve your outreach and help you with the branding.

Branding the Food

The idea is simple, the more you give to the community, the more it gives back to you. When an attendee gets back to the home being satisfied with your event, he/she may do business with you in future.  Food gives you an extra edge in your event and you can even use the food for the branding of your company by serving them in custom-made packets with your logo printed on it.

Social Media Prop

When you give something to your attendants with your brand name and brand logo to take back home, you help yourself with the branding. But when you give something which will not only be kept as a memory but also can get shared, you help yourself with branding in a much better way. Social media props are one such thing to have in the events which will certainly attract the attendees to click pictures in them and share it on social media.

Conference Folders

The idea remains the same, to give something with your logo to your attendees that they can take back home. Conference folders can be expensive as well but no need to worry as you can simply but transparent polyfills folder and have you and your sponsors’ logo printed over it.

Lanyards and Badges

This is neither new nor innovative as it is something that every event organizer does. Print high-quality lanyards and badges with you and your sponsors’ logo over it and distribute it during the event. However, even if the idea is not new or innovative, you can make your designs perfect.

Paper Bags

This is a very good approach to event branding as it is very cheap. You can get your printed paper bags for any event and distribute it with the other goods that you have for our event.

Sponsors Backdrop

This is something you should not avoid as it gives you the freedom to showcase all of your sponsors’ logo in one place. You can use it to highlight your logo among your sponsors and have the spotlight on your event.


It is one of the expensive options among all of them as it may account for a lot when you are printing t-shirt for every attendee. However, t-shirts will give you a long-term return from your investment as the attendees may wear the t-shirt on more than one occasion making your brand name reach even further.


Wristbands are attractive, cheap and are a good way of branding. You can give your attendees wristbands when they enter the event site. They may even take it back home.


Bunting is a cool and attractive method of event branding and it can even give your event a touch of aesthetics. You can have buntings in all of your events.

Branding ideas can certainly boost your brand name to multi-folds. You can opt for all of them if you want to or select the best fits for your event.

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