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The Latest IOS Features Revolutionized The App Development World

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Apple introduces innovative features and makes improvements every time it releases the latest iOS versions. Better privacy capabilities, Dark Mode, and many other options are available with iOS 13.

However, the introduction of these features has also caused an effect on iOS mobile apps. Look for a Mobile App Development Company Noida to hire developers who focus on these features to design apps.

Siri Shortcuts

The older iOS apps have no hint of Siri’s functionality. But, nowadays, developers have found better customization and voice experience. It is because of the integration of Siri.

With some follow-up queries, Siri helps in making better voice shortcuts. For example, when the app user voice is saying Order Status, Siri will ask for clarifying the order number.

Core NFC

Only certified developers can work on Near Field Communication tags to design the app. This NFC enabled the app to connect you to real-world objects and physical environment.

Apple has recently advanced this Core NFC feature to add the potential of read passports, smart cards, and other IDs. That, you may hire the best developers to integrate this feature into your app.

IOS Mobile App Development

The complicated registration process causes troubles to users. And finally, you cannot find a high user acquisition rate. Password Autofill is one of the latest iOS Mobile App Development Company Noida features. It assists in simplifying account creation efforts. Also, this feature helps in saving user passwords that are shareable across other devices with the iCloud keychain.

Swift UI

It is a UI toolkit. It enables developers to create apps by writing declarative codes. By using Xcode design tools, they can work seamlessly. Also, they can keep the code synchronised with the design.

Swift UI helps in combining the values of codes and Storyboards at a time. For instance, by managing UI elements, developers can automatically update codes. This is the most impressive thing of Swift UI. What’s more? This feature helps in avoiding potential MVC problems.

In fact, Swift UI is a native toolkit. It helps you to access Apple’s OS with minimal code.

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