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Step by Step Poker Guide for Beginners

By November 19, 2019 December 5th, 2019 No Comments
Play Poker Guide

Playing poker is easier than you might think. So, get ready to learn to play Poker in this ‘step-by-step Poker guide for beginners’ and there will be some bonus tips at the end of the blog. Poker can be played with standard 52 cards deck with 2-10 players on a single table.

Simple Poker Guide for Beginners

These days you can play online poker with players around the world on your mobile phone. A lot of mobile game development companies are making card games like poker. For example Casino Games, Call Breaker, and more. So, here is your simple ‘step-by-step Poker guide for beginners’.

Basic Poker Game Mechanics

Before moving further in our ‘step-by-step Poker guide for beginners’, we should learn some basics related to the Poker Game. Here are some basics. So basically, the dealer distributes two cards to each player starting from his left side. The first player from the left side of the dealer has a choice to bet or check.

  • Bet – Where the player can bet any amount.
  • Check – Where the player chooses to do nothing.

Suppose if some decided to bet then other players can choose to call, fold, or raise.

  • Call – Where the player chooses to match the bet amount.
  • Fold – Where the player chooses to give up with all the chips in the pot.
  • Raise – Where the player chooses to raise more chips in the pot.

This process goes on until everyone on the table called or all the chips in the pot. After every betting round dealer will unfolds card and these cards can be used by anyone.

  • Flop– After the first betting round dealer deals three-card face-up.
  • Turn – After the second betting round dealer deals a card face-up.
  • River – After the third betting round dealer deals the final card face-up.

After the final hand, the cards will be exposed and the player with the ranked card declared as the winner. Want to know how to determine the winner? Then keep reading.

How to Determine the Winning Poker Hand

Some hands in poker are easy to determine while others are a little hard. You can download Hand calculator from the app store for convenience. Here in this section of our ‘step-by-step Poker guide for beginners’, we will find the three golden rules to determine the best poker hand on the table –

  • All five hands are important to decide the stronger hand
  • The cards on the table are the only cards that hold any value and aside from no cards.
  • Players have to make a strong hand using all five hands.

What are the Blinds?

Blinds are scary for the beginners but they are not that scary. Instead, they make a boring game even more interesting. As its name suggests blinds are a type of bets where a player bet the amount without seeing his/her cards.

How to Play Poker Online?

There are several ways to play poker online but the best way to play online is by downloading a poker game from the app store. There are many poker game development companies that are developing really good poker games and other related card games. These games can be played online as well as offline.

Bonus Tips for the Beginners

  • Don’t play many hands.
  • Avoid calling a lot.
  • Betting is much stronger than calling.
  • And don’t feel bad if you lose.
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