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Rummy Card Game Complete Guide for Beginners

By November 21, 2019 December 5th, 2019 No Comments
How to Play Rummy Game

Rummy is one of the most popular card game and it’s most popular variant is 13 card rummy game. You will need a standard deck of cards including the 2 jokers. Furthermore, for the best gameplay, you will need 2-6 players in order to play the game. Rummy Card Game is hard to master, however you can master it with practice.

What are the Official Rules to Play Rummy Card Game?

Although rummy card game can be difficult to master it is will give you enough entertainment once you master the rules. Rummy belongs to draw and discard game of playing card. If you are playing rummy, your main focus should be forming a specific set or sequence.  Remember that there are various variants of the rummy card so rules might differ slightly. Here are some basic rules for 12 card game rummy game –

  • Usually played with two sets of standard playing cards with Jokers included.
  • Card ranking is as follows – Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10, Jack, Queen and King.
  • Ace can be used as a face card or 1 while making a set.
  • Rummy card game is a point-based game so, Face cards i.e. K, Q, and J – 10 points and Ace -10 points.

Draw and Discard Rules –

There are two decks of cards placed on the table, first, open deck and, second, closed deck. On every turn, a player draws the top (face up) card form either an open deck or a closed or discard a card to the closed deck.

What if you don’t have Good Cards to complete?

If you think that the cards you have are not good enough to compete in the game then you can simply drop from the game. But there are certain rules and penalties to do that. Please, not that a Rummy game has 201 points; if you drop from the game before drawing a card then it will cost you 20 points whereas if you opt to do it after drawing a card then it will cost you 40 points.

What is The Role of Joker Card in Rummy Game?

Usually, after dealing, one card is selected randomly to be as a Joker card. Hence, same rank card in any suit will be considered as Joker which also includes two Jokers in the deck. Joker card can be used in place of any card to make a set, however, make sure you have a sequence without a joker. In some cases, if a joker is a joker then Ace is considered a Joker.

Is it Legal to play Rummy Game?

The definition of legal differs from country to country but the majority of countries consider Rummy Game as a skill-based game. Countries like India legalised plating Rummy online as skill-based game therefore it is not illegal to play rummy online in India. Mobile game development companies in India are allowed to develop a Rummy game for mobile phones.

Important things to remember

  • Do not make a set with more than four cards.
  • The rummy game has 201 points
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