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Print Media Services is one of the most effective ways if marketing even in the era dominated with the internet and digital media. WorkLooper Consultants excels with delivering promotional and corporate communications in the most effective way possible. Being partners with industry leaders in the fields of print, promotional merchandise and display media makes WorkLooper the best print media agency.

Why Print Media?
Print media is a part of traditional marketing and we all know how crucial traditional marketing is for any kind of business. One of the biggest reasons behind the effectiveness of the print media is that it has the potential of reaching masses big a great certainty.

Print Media is the older form of advertising which uses the physical form of media for the same. It has the potential to reach masses including business customers and consumers through printed materials like newspapers, catalogues and magazines. More than that, print media advertisements can also boost your digital marketing campaigns and drive traffic to your social media handles and website.

Print media advertisements also provide you with the advantage of flexibility. You can customize your ads as per the targeted location by writing them in a specific language, colour codes or the theme of the ads.

This Is What We Offer:

  • News Papers: Indian newspaper reading audience has exceeded 407 million in 2019 in which 70 million are from the rural areas only. Let your brand reach out to the masses and attract new customers to your business with the power and amazing reach of the newspapers. WorkLooper has partnered with all the major newspaper companies and can get your advertisements highlighted in the best possible way.
  • Advertising For Magazines: There are many magazine brands in our country which have reader-base of over 50 million readers. They are published and distributed according to the local audience and the regions where they are being distributed. This provides you with many opportunities to take your products to them with the help of WorkLooper’s print media services.
  • Press Release: WorkLooper not only helps you with the ads of your products and services but also with the press release of the major updates of your brand. This will deliver your business with great brand awareness by letting it reach to the millions.
  • Press Conference: WorkLooper also organizes press conferences for your company where are all the local and prestigious news channels and agencies are invited to attend it. WorkLooper takes care of all the processes that are involved in organizing and making the conference successful.