How to create a multiplayer game in unity?

Are you aware that the largest segment of the video game industry is the mobile gaming sector? With players of all ages from over the world playing on their cellphones, it also has the most varied player base.

Even though we give you all the resources you need to make your future game, what if this is your first game? For creating their games, most developers use Unity. Even though using Unity can be simple, starting it up can be intimidating if you've never done it before.

Let's look at how to create a multiplayer game in Unity for mobile devices, outlining the aspects you should take into account to create a fun multiplayer gaming environment.

What is a multiplayer game?

A multiplayer game is, as the name implies, one that allows numerous players to engage in simultaneous gameplay. Locally (on the same console or device) or online multiplayer gaming is both possible.

Gaming enthusiasts have access to a wide variety of multiplayer games. These consist of MOBA, MMO, PvP, and Coop.

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1. Install Unity first

The most crucial item you'll need to work on Unity is... Unity. All you'll need, presuming you're new to game production, is a free subscription. There are four main sorts of subscriptions available. The ideal approach to do this is to install the most recent version of Unity from within the Unity Hub.

When you've got the program, download the base project and launch Unity. Before continuing, you should make the necessary adjustments to make sure that the game window renders correctly.

2. Create a Lobby

Because this game will be multiplayer, it's crucial to keep in mind that we'll need a way for players to tell apart between various game versions so they can join, play, and watch.

Participants can input a special ID for the game they want to join when they click a button to load it.

3. creating Scenes

A scene is where everything that operates in your game is found. The game that results from packaging your game for a platform is made up of one or more scenes as well as any platform-specific code you add. In a project, you can include however many scenes you wish.

A scene can be compared to a gaming level, albeit you can have numerous levels in a single scene file by simply moving the player or camera to various locations in the scene.

When Unity launches a project, a new, empty scene is created, and you must go find it in your project explorer. For newbie users, this can be somewhat perplexing, but it's crucial to keep your cool and be patient.

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4. Asset Import and Project Structure

Unlike Visual Studio projects, Unity projects are different. A project file or even a solution file cannot be opened since they don't exist. When you direct Unity to a folder structure, the folder is opened as a project. Assets, Library, Project Settings, and Temp folders are all included in projects.

Every file you put into your project, including graphics, code, and audio, belongs in the Assets folder. When using the Unity Editor, this is always the top-level folder. The file system should never be used to make modifications; instead, use the Unity interface only.

5. include functionality

By adding Components, you may provide your game with new capabilities. Each item you add is a component, and each one appears in the Inspector window. To assign code to an object, utilize a script component. Like the decorator pattern in software development, components give functionality to your game, giving them life and making them cooler.

6. Set up a game server

Out of all the steps necessary in learning how to make a game, this one might sound the most challenging. But creating a game server need not be as difficult as you would think

7. Multiple-player test

Using two different game launches, you can test out online multiplayer on your device. You may check that both games' servers are connected and that online communication is possible by testing your game locally.


As you can see, there are things to take into account while making a multiplayer game for a mobile platform. I hope this has helped you better grasp it. It is challenging for beginning programmers, but it is by no means impossible.

If you've never made a multiplayer game before, it can be difficult for you. The best course of action is to hire a web development company to create a multiplayer game for you.

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