Mobile Game Genres that will Rule 2020

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Mobile Game Genres

Recent years have been a treat to the mobile game players with a huge number of games of various genres. Mobile game developers all around the world trying and experimenting new ways through which they can bring life to the beautiful games. Games are in abundance on App stores and game genres help us to choose the right mobile games on the App store

Mobile Game Genre that will Trend in 2020

The mobile game genre is basically the same as music genre where the game is categorised on the concept, style and type. Now, that we are familiar with the term “Game Genre”, let’s head to the list of mobile game genre that will rule the year 2020.

Hyper-Casual Games

Hyper-casual games are easy to download and are a delight to play. These games are very simple and single task-oriented and furthermore, they are lightweight. Hence, hyper-casual games are very easy to download.

The humankind is getting busier and busier and they have little to no time to play complex games that require a considerable amount of time. Like 2019, the year 2020 is going to be ruled by hyper-casual games. High flyers are an example of Hyper casual game, go and try it won’t disappoint you.

Role-Playing Games

Recently RPG games attracted a lot of players from all around the world. This game genre has strong sub-genres as well like MMORPG, Text-based RPG and more. A lot of young players love and appreciate a great storyline with good graphics. The mobile developers keep raising the standard in every aspect. Therefore, the competition will be fierce in 2020.

Strategy Games 

People, who think they are superior when it comes to making strategies, occasionally end up downloading these games.  And the number of this kind of people is huge, 20+M downloads clearly prove that. Although, we are not sure about the legitimacy of these people and we’ll debate about it some other time. Strategy games are loved by all to an extent and there is a variety of them available for a variety of people. Chess is a strategy as well as a board game, you can download and play.

Board Games

Boardgames takes us to old times where there are no mobile phones and people enjoy games on board games. But now, we are living in the digital age and this age is ruled by mobile phones. Thanks to mobile phones it’s easier to play these games on mobile phones with other players online. Ludo, checkers, snakes and ladders are some of the best board games. They were popular in 2019 and they will be even more popular in 2020.

Honourable Mentions

Apart from these listed genres, there are few more categories that are worth mentioning and they are – Casino games, all-time popular action games, and casual games. The mobile games are keeping on bundling up as well as keep improving on every scale. To lure players the Mobile game developers are going beyond Just to deliver the best.


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