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Learn to Play Chess with 5 Easy Steps

By November 25, 2019 December 5th, 2019 No Comments
Play Chess with 5 Easy Steps

Chess is one of the most popular board game in the world. People love to play this game online as well as offline. In this age of technology where everything is going digital, we can experience chess games online. It’s easy to learn to play chess but mastering is not so much. The only way to master the chess game is by practising again and again. With enough practice, anyone can get mastery over this game.

Learn to Play Chess – Simple Steps

If you are reading this it means you are new to a chess game and want to learn to play chess. Well, you are in the right place, here, you will get to know about the chess pieces and the basic rules of chess. So, without further adieu, let’s begin –

Step1. How to set up the Chess Board?

Set up you board keeping white corner at the right side of the board. In case of online games, you don’t have to set up the board. Start placing your chess pieces with all the pawns in the second raw followed by other pieces in the second row. Be careful while placing the pieces in the first row. For example, the Castles should be in each corner and then knights followed by bishops. Keep the king and the queen in the middle. Furthermore, keep in mind to put the black queen on the black and the white on the white.

Step2. What are Chess Pieces and How They Move?

There are 6 kinds of chess pieces in chess and all moves differently. Furthermore, they cannot jump on other pieces except the knight. They can replace and capture other opponent’s pieces. Let’s find out how each piece move and capture.


The most important piece of the chess game, a king moves to one spot at a time in any direction. The king cannot be captured, however, a player chooses to move the king or bring other chess pieces in defence. When a king is about to get captured such a situation is called “Check”.


Queen is the most powerful chess piece in the game and it can move in any straight direction (forward, backward, sideways, or diagonally). However, it can’t jump over any of its own pieces.


The rook moves forward, backward, and sideways in a straight line, however, it cannot jump other chess pieces.


Bishop’s movement is diagonal (straight) in the game freely unless there’s a chess piece and also it cannot jump over a chess piece.


Knight’s movement is very different from other chess pieces as it moves two squares and then one square at 90%. Moreover, it is the only chess piece capable of jumping over a chess piece.


Pawns are like soldiers in the army and move one square at a time. However, if a player wants to they can make the first move with two squares. Furthermore, they capture diagonally and forward and never move backwards or sideways only forward.

Step3. Who Makes the First Move?

Generally, the player with pieces makes a move first. However, players can decide mutually by flipping a coin or other such methods.

Step4. How to Win a Game?

There are two ways through which a player can win a chess match. Which are given below –


A situation where a king cannot escape from “check” called Checkmate. There are only three ways to escape from a check. These are –

  •         Move the king to a different square where there is no Check.
  •         Bring forth another chess piece in defence to counter the check.
  •         capture the opponent’s piece to remove the Check.


A situation where there is no winner in chess called Draw. There are 5 possible reasons for a draw –

  •         Where a king does not have a legal move and this situation is known as a stalemate.
  •         Mutual agreement of the players.
  •         There are not enough chess pieces to checkmate.
  •         If the same position repeated thrice.
  •         No result till 50 consecutive moves.

Step5. Basic Strategies

  •         Protect your king at all cost
  •         Do not lose your chess pieces.
  •         Control the central region of the chessboard.
  •         Try to use all the chess pieces.

Chess Games Online

Nowadays, there is a number of good chess games are available on Google play. All have their own qualities but one stands out from the rest – Chess by WorkLooper. This game exhibit up to 30 levels and have 2700+ ELO ratings.  So, if you are looking for a challenge, download and install this game and have fun. This amazing game is developed by WorkLooper – a game development company in India. Hopping this blog will be helpful in your pursuit to learn to play a chess game.

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