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How to Win Gifts and Cash Prizes with Mobile Game Contests

By December 24, 2019 March 5th, 2020 No Comments
Mobile Game Contests

The year 2019 has almost come to an end and in a few days, the year 2020 will embark its journey. We all are excited about the New Year, parties, food, fun and joy. Now, it’s time for the surprise, yes, it’s time to find out, “how to win gifts and cash prizes with Android Mobile games. Time to time mobile game publishers organise contest and giveaways and players all around the world can take advantage of getting freebies just playing a mobile game.

Why you should Participate in Mobile Game Contests?

Gifts and rewards make us happy whether it is from the relatives or won from a contest. Some prefer gifts and rewards from the relatives or family member and some prefer from winning a contest. I would recommend choosing both, anyway, now the chances of getting rewards and gifts are higher. You can thank the mobile game contests, it’s not too late (pun). Now, back to the question, “why you should participate in mobile game contests?”. The answer is simple; you can win while playing something you love. When were things this easier?

When it is a Good Time to Participate in a Mobile Game Contest?

Thanks to the festive season, there are few contests that are running during this festive season and fortunately, you can participate in them. Sometimes the contests are complex and required a lot of work and time in order to win the prize but there are some casual games that are easier and fun to play. For instance, casual games, puzzle games and board games are relatively easier to play than complex games like MMORPG Games.

Is there any Contest Going on?

Hell yeah, of course, there are mobile game contest is going on. This is a festive season, so you can find huge deals and sales on everything. But let’s talk about why you are here. You want to win and there is a hunger inside you for mobile games. Well, fortunately, there are two mobile game contest is going on and one just started today. So, let’s dig deeper and find out more about these competitions.

Bear Runner – The Wild Run Contest

Contest Duration – Dec 22, 2019, to Jan 4, 2020

The timing of this particular contest is just amazing, charismas and New Year it covers and all. Bear Runner is a hyper-casual game which is very lightweight thus consume very less memory. The game is quite fun so you won’t get bored on the contrary you will love this game and probably keep this game after the contest is over.

Contest Link –

Game Link –

High Flyers Fiesta

Contest Duration – Dec 24, 2019, to Jan 6, 2020

Like Bear Runner, High Flyer is also a hyper-casual game – means it’s a simple game as well. So, it’s easy to play plus you can it play it anytime you want and that includes while travelling, in your spare time etc.

Contest Link –

Game Link –

As you can see, winning from a mobile game contest is easy. So, what you are waiting for? Download the game you like, participate and win lots of amazing goodies.


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