How to use Facebook Ad Placement Effectively for Better Conversion

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Facebook ad placements

There are almost one and half a billion active people on Facebook and by all means, it’s very huge. For a marketer’s perspective, it’s a pool of great opportunities to exploit this huge resource by Facebook ad placement. In order to get the advantage of the best advertising on Facebook, one needs an expert ad agency. Speaking of ad agencies, there are some of the best advertising companies in Delhi. Top 10 advertising companies in Delhi can provide you with all the creative work you need for advertising.

Back to Facebook ad placement, an ad must be attractive and appealing with genuine information to attract a large chunk of people on Facebook. Hiring an advertising company comes with many perks such as content generation, research, and accurate targeting.

How Ad Placement Improves Conversation

Loosely designed and placed Facebook ads little to no value. Therefore, Facebook ads must be well placed and managed to get the max profit. In other words, Ads must be appealing in nature and good in delivering the message. There are two main basic components of a good add on Facebook – performance and the looks.

Facebook Advertising Choices

There are many choices on Facebook for an advertising company to place your ad properly to give you an effective conversion rate. An ad agency uses Facebook ads strategically to benefit the client most. Here is the list of all the choices available for advertising for better conversion on Facebook.

Right Column Ads – Right next to the news feed, we have “the right column ads”. Although, few people saw those ads in the right column these ads bring three more engagement to the business. Arrestingly, they are more expensive and also don’t have buttons for CTA.

News Feed Ads – News Feed Ads are one of the best and most popular advertising choices from other Facebook ad choices. The top reason behind its popularity is its placement in the news feed. It consumes a large chunk of portion therefore your target audience rarely misses it.

Mobile Feeds – Mobile News Feed is similar to the desktop version the only difference it is for mobile phones. The mobile feed is good for spreading awareness.

Instant articles – Instant articles are articles that are presented mobile format and includes text, video, and images. They are fast to load and a good way to add links in the articles.

In-stream videos – These are short videos embedded into other videos. These videos are good for promoting a new product or brand.

Suggested Videos – Suggested videos appears when the video you are watching on Facebook. Suggested videos are good for spreading awareness about any new product or services.






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