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How to Start Android Development with an iOS Background

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Android Development with an iOS Background

The Android covers a huge application market available for the Smartphone. If you are budding developers having experience on major mobile platforms is good for your career. It will add extra points and credibility to your resume. Furthermore, it will make you marketable. If you are dedicated iOS developers and you want to develop an application for Android as well then you can totally do it. As a matter of fact, you will enjoy some of the features of Android development.

Start Android Development with an iOS Background

There are more android users than iOS, so, learning Android development is not a bad idea. And besides, it will add loads of opportunities to sharpen your skills. That being said, let’s get back to business and take you straight to the answer. Here is how you can start Android Development with an iOS background.

How iOS is similar to Android development?

Android is Java-based operating system and it is an Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Language same like Objective-C and Swift that is used in developing iOS applications. So, if you are an expert in iOS development than congratulations you are already familiar with Android Development. Now, without any hesitation, you can give it a go for Android Development. Android developers use the same concepts of OOP language similar to iOS development. Furthermore, you are well versed with terms like objects, polymorphism, encapsulation and inheritance. Similarly, you can still use keywords like override, implements and extends. So, as you can see don’t have to begin from the very start, your iOS background will back you up.

How Xcode similar to Android Studio?

As an iOS developer you are well versed with IDE “Xcode” now it’s time look at the Android Studio. When you first experience working on Android Studio you will find that there are some additional features that were not available in Xcode. In addition, you can fix errors with importing, an in-hose Android Studio feature. Overall you will get the same system as you were getting on the iOS platform. Although, they are similar in a way but they are different as well. For example- both use different UI code and Android Studio has slower debugging process than the iOS platform.

Android and iOS Semantics and Syntax

There are many difference in iOS Semantics and Syntax to Android Studio. Besides, there will be a learning experience for you. So, if you want to work on Android with iOS background, you must focus on this section. Remember, Android studio is not technically hard for an iOS developer; it is just a little different. So, here are some iOS Semantics and Syntax differences – UI Layout Files, Lists, View Class Component, Null/Nil and more.

More on Android Development

Once your app is ready you need some beta testers to evaluate the performance and feedback of the application. If the feedback is positive you can upload your application to Google Play Store. Surprisingly, submitting an application on the Google Play Store is easier than the Apple Store. On the positive note, there is “Google Play Console” where you can beta test your application with no negative reviews and ratings. So, contact us for amazing IT solutions & services.

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