How to Start an Online Business in India

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Start an Online Store in India

Unlike a few years ago, opening an online business in India is quite easy. Life is busy and we all know that and this situation is not getting any better. Therefore, we saw a shift in the market recently. Nowadays, traditional shops are switching to online shops. India is a huge market and with a lot of possibilities. So, today’s question is, “How to Start an Online Store in India? To be honest, the process is quite easy and simple, remember only unique ideas make the business successful.

Quick Tips to Start an Online Business in India

India is the land of opportunities when it comes to business and earning money. So if you are thinking to start an online store in India then it is the right time to do it. For the fact that this online industry is not matured yet but the ways to start an online business are perfectly matured. In addition to that, you have a huge market to exploit. That being said let’s get to know the steps to start an online store.

Building an Online Business

Online business is very convenient for the customers as they don’t have to go to the market to buy things. They can simply visit the website and check the huge list of items (not all items are available in local shops). So there are three ways to build an online business-

  •     A professional eCommerce Development Company
  •     Open-source eCommerce building platforms and
  •     Ecommerce website builder platforms/SAAS

Out of these three ways hiring professional eCommerce Development Company is the best option. Last two options require extensive knowledge of programming languages and experience except for the first choice. A professional Development Company can do quite effectively in a given time period without any delay.

Getting a Payment Gateway

Getting a payment gateway is easy these days unlike a few years back where getting payment gateway was really tough. It is very important for an online business to have a smooth run and better ease and services for the customers. Having a gateway allows a customer to easily inquire and purchase products online and on the other hand, the seller can get the fluid transactions from the customers. Some popular gateways in India are EBS, CCAvenue and more. You can get a payment gateway once your website is ready and to provide services to the customers. There are many private companies that are partnered with payment gateways, you can hire those companies and get things done real quick.

Marketing for the Online Business

Now, that you have your website and payment gateway ready you can start your online store in India. But before you start your online business in India, you have to market your business on different channels. Marketing is an essential part and shouldn’t be ignored. In order to get a successful online business, you need to properly market your business. For instance, you can use PPC, social media marketing, digital media marketing, email marketing, blogging and more.


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