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How to Play Teen Patti Game – Basic Rules & Guide

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How to Play Teen Patti Game

Teen Patti is a popular Indian Card Game which also known as the Flush. This game is similar to the British game 3 Card Brag. Like most card games, Teen Patti Game uses a standard 52 card deck to play. The usual ranking of the cards is – A, K, Q, J, 10…3, and 2. This game is best for 4-7 players.

At the beginning of the game, the minimum value of the stake is decided by the players then every player put the minimum amount on the table. The dealer deals one card game at a time until all the players have 3 cards in hands. In the end, only one player wins the game. If you are looking for a Teen Patti Game development company check the last paragraph.

What is the Ranking of Cards in Teen Patti?

Possible hands based on the ranking of the game are given below –

  •       Trio – 3 Cards of the same rank.
  •       Straight Run – 3 Cards of the same suit.
  •       Normal run – 3 Consecutive cards but not from the same suit.
  •       Colour – 3 cards of the same suit. (Card with highest rank wins)
  •       Pair – 2 cards of the same rank.
  •       High card – 3 cards which are not included in any above-mentioned hands.

How to Bet?

Betting starts from the player sitting at the left of the player. Then each player put the minimum amount in the pot at their turn. Furthermore, a player can decide to play as a blind player (Chooses not to see the cards) or a seen player chooses to see the cards). In order to stay in the game a player has to bet, however, it heavily depends on the type of player you are. For instance, if you are a seen player then you have to put twice the amount of a blind player. There are few rules listed below for betting in Teen Patti Game –

  •       If you are a blind player you cannot bet more than twice of the current stake and you have to put the amount same as current stake.
  •       If you are a seen player you can bet maximum four times of the stake and a minimum four times of the current stake. The current stake automatically reduced to half of the current stake for the next player.
  •       Blind players can choose to look at their card anytime; once they do they become seen players. However, you have bet twice the stake afterwards or fold.

This goes on until this one of these things happen –

  •       Last surviving player wins the match once all other players folded irrespective of the cards.

What are the Rules for Show?

If you one of the two surviving players, you can ask for Show and then the winner is decided based on the cards.

  •       It happens when there are only two players left.
  •       The cost of Show for a blind player is the current stake. Furthermore, a blind player is prohibited see the cards until paid.
  •       A seen player can’t ask for Show from a blind player, the only option you have dropped or continue betting.
  •       Twice the amount of current stake must be paid for Show if both are seen, player.
  •       If both players are seen, either player, in turn, may pay twice the current stake for a show.
  •       If cards of both players are the same then the player who didn’t pay for the show wins.

You can ask for a compromise from the player who bet before you. If the other player accepts it then both players can compare their cards privately. The rule, however, the one with low ranking card immediately fold the cards. Furthermore, if the cards are equal then the player who asked for compromise must fold.

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