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How to Know When Your App Needs a Major Update

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App Needs a Major Update

Now, that mobile applications became a substantial part of our lives, we need apps that can provide contemporary features and services. An app needs a major update in order to stay up to date with the ongoing trends and technology.

Basically, an app needs to be updated frequently and updates can be classified into two categories: Major and Minor. Minor updates generally come in effect to fix bugs, errors, and minor performance issues whereas Major updates required when there’s a need to change the entire look and feel of the application with all sorts of new features and mechanisms.

Why We Need Mobile Updates?

The answer is simple and that is to stop an app from getting obsolete. Once a gets too old user tends to abandon the application and move towards the new and better app of same category and features. The frequent app updated is needed in order to have a successful app. If your app is successful and people like it then you don’t have to sit back and relax instead look for the user feedback and make it better for the users for a better experience. Constant work is required in order to keep the application in the market.

When It’s Time for a Major Update?

It’s not rocket science to know if your app needs a major update. A mobile app major update is needed when –

Introducing an in-app feature

As an app developer, you put your heart and soul in developing your dream application. It’s going fine and now you think to introduce an in-app feature. Let’s say, you want to introduce an app feature that allows the users to share app content to various other platforms with a simple tweak. Adding features like this or any other feature which is significant to the app require a major update.

Applying New App Design

Mobile applications require major updates from time to time on a regular basis in respect to design, look and feel. App design requires an appearance that goes with the time and the users’ interests. In order for an app to succeed in the market, it needs timely app UI to revamp so that it can engage users by providing a fresh new experience on their favourite app.

Codebase is Obsolete

Everybody knows that, in this fast-paced world where things are developing and evolving at a very fast rate. So when it comes to app development, you can’t rely on years-old code for your application. Updating an application is very necessary if you want you’re to be compatible with new versions of mobile operating systems. Your app needs a major update in regards to the codebase for the fluid functions of the application.

Establishing New Security Methods

Any kind of hacking is dangerous to the user as well it can hurt the image of the developer company/individual. Your app needs to be up to date in accordance with security and stability. In order to do so, one has to provide security patches on a timely basis for better stability of the app.

Fixing Performance Issues

Bugs, errors, lag are some of the common issues in the phone which hinder the performance of the mobile application. One needs to regularly check for these mishaps and fix them asap so that the users can enjoy your application without any hindrance. User feedbacks are very helpful in finding those mishaps which are currently going on with the application.

Making it Cross-platform app

Your mobile application needs a major update if you are thinking it to make available for more than a platform. For example, if your app is available for Android only and if you wish to have the same app for Windows, and iOS then there’s a major update is on the way. Connect with us for our services & others enquiries.

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