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How to Improve Your Google Ads Quality Score

By January 4, 2020 March 5th, 2020 No Comments
Ads Quality Score

Ads Quality Score is a variable that denotes the efficiency and effect of the keyword in Google AdWords Campaigns. These Quality scores can affect the ad rank as well as the cost per click. Those who happened to use the Google AdWords but there are many things to keep in order getting the optimum results and eventually the desired results.

Ads Quality Score is not only about keywords, but there are also many aspects of play. So, if you are one a digital marketing expert and want to take the complete advantage of the Google AdWords then you must know all the aspects. If you are not a digital marketing expert then you can hire a professional digital marketing company to do the job.

The Ads Quality Score is Determined by Three Major Factors and They Areas Following –

  • CTR – Click-through Rate
  • The relevance of the ads
  • Quality of the landing page

Simple Methods to make Ads Quality Score Better

The basic purpose of Ads Quality Score is to make your ad visible to the target audience. So, the better Ads Quality Score makes better ad ranks and lower cost per click. Therefore, it gets an effective Google AdWords campaign and improves your Ads Quality Score. Here are a few quick tips to do that –

Keywords are the Key

Keywords are the basic elements in your paid campaigns – it is the foundation of any PPC. Make sure your campaigns have the best keywords. Strong keywords will work in your favour and the weak keywords will lead the campaign to the failure or with the minimal results. Popularly, most researchers use free tools to get the best keywords and why not it is quick and easy. Well, not really. That data may or may not be relevant to instead depending on uncertainty use the data of web analytics of your own website. Web analytics gives you accurate data that eventually bring better traffic and conversion.

Keywords Work Better if Grouped

For a high Ads Quality Score, your keywords must share the relevance and relevance of the keywords give positive results. The best ways to optimise your Google AdWords campaigns is by grouping them according to themes and then divide them into sections and subsections. Try to make a smaller number of keyword groups to achieve greater relevancy rather than focusing on big groups of keywords.

Things get better with Proper Landing Page

The landing page must be well built and have a good loading speed. The landing page that takes too much time to load effect the ad campaigns adversely. Therefore, make sure that your landing page must be well developed with fast loading speed and proper information. There are several factors that can reduce the loading speed. Major factors that are responsible is page size, bad server transmission, multiple redirects instead of one and others. Hence, try to make your landing page as precise as you can with the required content and material to reduce the size of the page. Make sure never multi-links your ads because visitor might get confused and probably it can affect the campaign adversely.

So, these are the key points that you keep in mind while creating a Google AdWords Campaign to get better Ads Quality Score.

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