How to Improve SEO in 2019

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How to Improve SEO in 2019

2019 is the year where we saw many technological improvements and innovations. In few months, we will step in the next year and many things will change again. Speaking of changes, let’s talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its role. So, how to improve SEO in 2019?

Tips to Improve SEO in 2019

We have to understand that things change with time and the same goes with Google algorithms. In order to increase the ranking of your website on Google Search Engine, you have to closely analyze the key elements that can help you rank up the page. We have a few points to share to improve SEO in 2019. Let’s check them out.

Keep User Experience in Mind

Google Search engine is all about people and what they like. In order to improve SEO IN 2019, your content on the website must be according to Google algorithm. Surprisingly, Google announced that RankBrain is the third important factor when it comes to website ranking on Google Search Engine. So, what is RankBrain?  RankBrain is the system used by Google where it acts as a watchdog over how people search and place the website ranking accordingly.

For instance, if people just click on your website and leave immediately that will have an adverse effect on your website.  That shows people do not like your content and they don’t want to spend any minute on it. So, keep user experience in mind so they can spend more time on your website.

Utilize Video Content

Although video content can generate huge traffic still it is being sidelined by most of us. A lot of indexed pages won’t garner any remarkable organic traffic. Same goes for a chunk of blogs and articles filled with target keywords. Sometimes users just watch the video instead of going through the article. Your main goal should be making a website user-engaging and interesting. Optimize your video content according to the current scenario. You can change the title and description of the video to make it more relevant.

Create long lasting content

Let’s get back to the content, we all heard that content is the king. Without relevant content, your website can never rank. Furthermore, content must be to the point and should not have out of the context or vague message. Remember not to use vocabulary that is tough to understand instead use easy to understand vocabulary. And most importantly, always use content that stays for a longer period of time. Content that lasts for a long time stays relevant for months or even years and that will affect your website in a good way.

Adopt Mobile-First Policy

Mobile users are increasing day by day and the numbers will grow in coming future. Nowadays, people are spending more time on mobile rather than on desktop. So, in order to improve SEO in 2019 you have to adopt mobile-first policy for better results. In simple words your website must primarily be designed for mobile users that will give a wide coverage and better optimization for the most customers.

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