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How to Identify the Right Ad Platform for Your PPC Clients

By January 27, 2020 March 20th, 2020 No Comments

One way or another, we all have heard about PPC or in simple words marketing through Ad platforms. There are some popular ad platforms but what is the right platform to advertise your product or services? It’s a struggle to choose the right platform when we first start our ad campaign, there are many to choose from.

Key Elements for Choosing the Right Ad Platform

Any ad campaign is based on demographics, type of product or services, target audience and the marketing resources. These elements help the ad agencies to accurately target and improve the conversion rate for your product and services. So, the key elements to chose the right ad platform are –

  • Demographics
  • Your Product/Services
  • Your Marketing Resources

Major Ad Platform to Advertise

There are four major ad platforms used by best ad agencies in Delhi are – Google ads formally known as Google AdWords, Facebook and Instagram ads, and LinkedIn ads. All four ad platforms have their distinctive qualities where they are good at. These platforms target people differently and are used depending on what kind of people a PPC client is targeting. Let’s explore each of these platforms and find out which one is perfect for your business.

*Please note that most advertising companies in Delhi advise their PPC clients to use at least two ad platforms to get the maximum conversion.

Google Ads

Google ads are the most popular as well as most expensive than any other ad platform on this list. Almost 90% of people use Google and the topmost search results are basically are paid advertisements. Google ads can be distributed on other Google services such as YouTube but it’s up the PPC client.

Facebook Ads

Facebook used to be one of the best platforms to advertise a past few years ago but now it’s a little behind. Little behind doesn’t mean useless, it is still very popular. It’s been said that Facebook is for old people, which is not entirely true. Facebook has all age groups as its users but if you want to target 45+, it’s the right ad platform.

Instagram Ads

Instagram is an extension of Facebook means you can run ads on both platforms simultaneously. First, Instagram lack placement option for advertisement but still it is a great source of getting organic traffic. A lot of young people use Instagram worldwide that means if your target is young people then certainly do not miss Instagram.

LinkedIn Ads

Linked is different than other platforms listed here because unlike other platforms it has professionals as its users. Therefore, if you are targeting B2B or B2C then undoubtedly, this is the best platform. Because there are a huge number of professionals, it has credibility and credibility means conversions.


India is emerging as a top player for marketing and advertising because of its sheer number of consumers. Therefore, top 10 advertising companies in Delhi are the best option for PPC clients to successfully make an online presence and thereafter huge traffic and conversion. An advertising company in Delhi can help a PPC client identifying the right ad platform for the business.


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