How to Create Successful Instagram Giveaway with Ease

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Successful Instagram Giveaway

Instagram offers the best features and a platform to host a giveaway on your page. Instagram is basically lifestyle-oriented social application means a lot of young people. Therefore, it’s best to run a successful Instagram Giveaway. You might ask questions like, “buddy how to start and where to start?” Say no more, today, we are going to find out everything about creating a successful Instagram Giveaway.

Reasons to Run an Instagram Giveaway

There are three main reasons to run an Instagram Giveaway and they are as following –

  • To get an instant rise in Instagram Followers
  • So the existed followers and the new followers keep the engagement on your channel
  • To build a better bond and relation with the followers and presenting giveaway to the followers for their constant support and love

Tips to Create a Successful Instagram Giveaway

Free, discounts, mega sale, etc. are some words we want to hear on a regular basis. Giveaways are an in trend and these days they are happening in every corner of social media including Instagram. Creating an interesting giveaway is not easy but not impossible as well if you keep a few things in mind. Here are those things –

End Goal and Purpose of Your Giveaway

The first thing should be setting up the goal for your giveaway, for example, instant growth in followers, promotion for other social media links, etc. So, if you want instant followers and set some rules for the winners like –

  • Like the post and follow the Instagram page.
  • Follow them on other social media pages like YouTube, Twitter, etc.
  • Tag a certain number of people on the same post.

Or any other requirement based on your goal.

Know Instagram Rules and Guidelines

Secondly, you have to familiarize with the Instagram rules and guidelines. There are specific guidelines for Instagram that every user must follow. So, make sure that you are conducting a giveaway according to the guidelines to avoid a sudden shutdown.

The giveaway should be something that your followers like

Third, don’t get lousy in this part because if you choose giveaway item/benefits then probably you won’t get what you were expecting. Therefore, always give something they like and actually make an effort to get it.

Promote Your Instagram Giveaway with Ads

Fourth, once you are done with everything and your giveaway post is live, you must boost the post for wide coverage. Similar to AdWords is for Goggle Services, “Facebook and Instagram” ad services are used for promoting the post on the platform.

Track the Results

Lastly, it’s time to track the results of your ongoing giveaway process. For instance, you can track how many people are participated in. If your followers are happy, then you can conduct another giveaway in future.




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