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How to Create a Multiplayer Game in Unity

By October 31, 2019 December 10th, 2019 No Comments
Multiplayer Game in Unity

Multiplayer mobile games are the heart and the soul of modern mobile gaming and it is kept on dominating the market. Games like PUBG, Clash Royale, and other such multiplayer online games were an instant success and they are still hot. However, building such games is not easy and these games can put serious challenges in front of the game developers. In this blog, we are going to discuss, how to make a successful multiplayer game in Unity and also how to overcome the related challenges.

Key to build a Successful Multiplayer Mobile Game

Developing multiplayer online games are much more challenging than single-player mobile games. A successful mobile game requires network stability, fun and competitive gameplay, a thrilling storyline or concept, balanced social features and most importantly high user retention. On the dark side, glitches, lags, unstable network, annoying ads and other stuff that annoys user can lead to utter failure.

So, the key to making a successful multiplayer game in Unity lies in a well built and balanced game – a game that has stayed true to its purpose. Here are some important key points that can help you in developing a great mobile game.

Basic Mobile Multiplayer Development

The popularity of multiplayer games is no surprise since people love interacting with other users, especially when playing RTS games. The success of some of the best online multiplayer games lies in precise game development, which starts from choosing the right network solution (e.g. Quantum, Photon, SpatialOS). Such games can be built on either a client-server model or peer-to-peer model and should be consistently simulated across the network so that gamers experience identical actions and reactions by the players.

Choose a Server Model That Suits your Game

A multiplayer game must have a fully functional server system capable of handling all the information exchange. You can choose either a peer-to-peer model or client-server model. Furthermore, protocols are also very important in order to have a fluid data transfer. At last, you got to have the best game engine to build your multiplayer mobile game such as Unity 3D. Undoubtedly unity 3D is one of the best game engines for developing successful multiplayer mobile games.

Use the Best Monetization Techniques

A strategic game monetization can take your game to the new heights and make your game a successful multiplayer game in Unity. Monetization practices differ for single-player and for multiplayer games. For instance, single-player mobile game players have complete control over expenses on the game while this does not apply to the multiplayer games. Therefore, a poorly designed monetization strategy can lead a game developer into a pit of failure. However, by acquiring the best monetization techniques, a game development company can successfully create a popular mobile game.

Monetize but Do Not Kill the Vibe

Mobile games are for fun and kill boredom, therefore, they need to be created in a way where a player can enjoy the game without getting interrupted. For instance, there are several ways through which game developers can monetise a game. Furthermore, game developers need to be very attentive with multiplayer mobile games and annoying pop-ups can kill the mood.

Attract your loyal Players

The best way to attract your loyal players is by offering rewards for skills to the players.  Hence, only the players with skills get the highest rewards and the player might stay longer they should. The longer a player stays on your game will more likely spend a few bucks using in-app-purchase. However, making your game “Play to Win” can lead to the game’s downfall. Furthermore, place in-game ads strategically where they do not interrupt the gameplay.

Keep Improving your Mobile Game

You might be able to create a well monetise multiplayer game with a sufficient amount of active players, but that doesn’t mean the job is done. Always keep an eye on what your players like and what is pissing them off. Furthermore, you can check their feedbacks and ensure to fix their issues as soon as possible.

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