How to Choose an Enterprise eCommerce Platform

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Enterprise eCommerce Platform

Your hard work and dedication are finally working and your business is growing and prospering. Now, you are thinking about shifting your business to a professional platform. You need an enterprise eCommerce platform can embrace and adapt your business in a most profitable manner but before you do that you must know your requirement. Ignoring the basic requirements and motivation might lead to an expensive dead end with little to no rate of interest.

Today, we will find out about how to choose an enterprise eCommerce platform and what are the challenges associated with it. Remember that the enterprise eCommerce platform is really expensive; therefore, it even becomes more challenging to pick one. Furthermore, if you are doing this, make sure your research is complete and you ready for an enterprise eCommerce platform.

Must-have features of an Enterprise Ecommerce Solution

Ecommerce solutions for enterprise are simply different than tradition online retail and must be treated as such. You will require a lot of backend research and a group of professionals for business-level decisions. Furthermore, you can outsource an enterprise eCommerce solution service provider for a more insightful perspective or you can do it yourself with your team. To ease your workup, we have gathered some information regarding enterprise eCommerce website. Here’s the list of must-have features of an enterprise-level eCommerce website.

Performance of the Website

Whether it is a regular website or an enterprise-level website, the speed of a website is an important factor and shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. Slow loading is speed can adversely affect your customers and their decisions ultimately lead to increased bounce on the website. Furthermore, it can also decrease your conversation rate multifold. According to research, every second matter when it comes to loading speed. Always keep in mind that a well-performing enterprise eCommerce website can give you the conversion rate you are looking for.

Capability to Handle Web Traffic

An enterprise-level website is prone to a sudden surge of users and buyers. Incapability to handle large web traffic can lead to server failure or loss of reputation as a brand. Therefore, it is wise to take countermeasures to tackle this issue and make sure your website can handle a large amount of web traffic. The best solution for this issue is to use cloud-based enterprise eCommerce platform such as “SaaS” (Software as a Service).

Graphics on the Website

Looks do matter, no puns here. You see, online shops and eCommerce websites are all about showcasing stuff. The product images, description, and product placements everything matters on eCommerce website. Make sure to make your website as cool you can make to attract the target audience.

Payments and Data Security

Besides giving multiple options to pay for the products on your website, you must give your customers the payment and the data security. Make sure to score the information customers provide you on your website. When you are running a big business such as enterprise eCommerce platform, you ought to make sure that customers must feel safe to share information on the website.

Mobile Responsive Nature

People love to surf, socialize and shop on mobile phones. Mobile nowadays is very common and accessible to people. Therefore, our enterprise eCommerce website must have a mobile responsive design so that your business can cover the large customer base on the go. Mobile responsive designs allow your website to adjust to the respective screen of the advice automatically.

Things to consider while selecting an Enterprise eCommerce Platform

Once you are done with calculating what kind of features you need in your enterprise eCommerce platform then you have another big challenge to look forward to. You need to consider various factors regarding eCommerce platform for the enterprise such as build, update and update cost; getting information from the vendor; and most importantly client’s experience. Let’s get deeper into the subject for better understanding.

Client Experience

The success of your enterprise eCommerce platform depends on how you deliver user-experience. There are many factors that play a major role in determining the client experience, the most notable one is user-experience of the website. Make sure it reflects and fulfils the needs of the users on your eCommerce platform.

Every now and then we are experiencing changes and improvements to the already exited technology. So, it’s very important that your eCommerce platform can easily adapt to newer situations. Furthermore, to have a better client experience or user-friendly nature of the platform one must focus on the personalization.

Getting Information from the Vendor

When you are selecting an eCommerce platform, make sure to consider these factors given below –

Vendor Experience

When selecting an eCommerce platform for enterprise, make sure that the vendor is you are choosing can fulfil the requirements needed for the project. Does it have the proper experience and the skill set? Check out the “Best enterprise eCommerce platforms” below in this article.


We can never know when things can go wrong. No matter how perfect your plan is, things go wrong. In such cases, the vendor must have 24/7 customer support services to resolve issues.


Keep things clear beforehand to avoid an eventual collapse of services. Be confident about the scalability of your business with respect to your new eCommerce business. Make sure that the enterprise eCommerce platform provides scalable services so that your eCommerce platform can grow with the business.


The eCommerce platform you are choosing must offer comprehensive SEO features. SEO is responsible for gaining web traffic and a higher rank on Google Search Engine. An SEO friendly platform allows you to have a custom domain, the ability to add a blog and more.


Undoubtedly, this is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to eCommerce business. Make sure the eCommerce service provider offering you proper security features for your eCommerce website.


As mentioned earlier, there is a significant amount of mobile users in the world. Keeping that in mind, a mobile responsive website is highly recommended.

Features/Improvement Cost

Every website needs improvements and some changes from time to time specially the eCommerce website. In order to make the website user-oriented, choose a better enterprise eCommerce solution provider that allows improvements and more.

Upgradation Cost

Upgrades are an essential part of eCommerce business and you must download them as soon as you get them. But there’s a catch, you need to have some technical knowledge to download these updates if not you have to hire an employee who can look for these updates. These updates are important because they provide a risk-free environment against hackers and threats.

Maintenance Cost

Depending on you’re the size of your eCommerce business the maintenance cost may vary and you might have to hire a technical expert to do the job. On the bright side, some SaaS enterprise eCommerce solution providers can take care of all the maintenance in exchange for a monthly fee.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Selecting an Enterprise Ecommerce Platform

There are some no-no rules for almost everything in the world and the same goes with selecting an enterprise eCommerce platform. If you are looking forward to starting an online business or you already have one, you need a platform to run it. An eCommerce platform is one of the deciding factors when it comes to getting success online. For instance, eCommerce is not just for showcasing products and items, it more than that. An effective eCommerce platform can attract plenty of new users/customers on a regular basis.

An enterprise platform can do a lot of things; the question is what you can do to prevent failure in your business. Here are some pointers, that you should avoid at all coast in order to have a successful business. Here it goes –

Hard to Scale Platform

When you choose a platform that incapable of scaling causes more harm than good. We started this article keeping in mind that you are going to build a bigger and better future for your business. Therefore, you should not think small but rather big and plan a long term strategy. Most eCommerce platforms lack scalability and if you have a long term plan with your business do not go with such a platform. Always make sure the platform you are choosing everything you need, not just scalability.

A Chunk of Features

Yes, everyone loves a huge chunk of features but you are not everyone. You are a businessman and you want to take make every penny of yours worthwhile. For instance, if you are still at the eCommerce business then be smart and don’t just go for features. Instead of choosing a feature-rich eCommerce platform, be wise and choose a platform that gives you the freedom where you can enable a feature when you are ready for it. The math is simple why would you pay for something that you are not needing, right.

Having No Pre-defined Objective and Customers

Only a visionary can be a successful businessman. So, keeping that in mind, always keep your goals and objectives straight. Without certain goal or objective you can never be so sure in the business you are doing. The most important in business is the target customers. In order to perfectly figure out your target customers, you need to conduct thorough market research. Once you know what the consumer wants and in what quantity they want, your business positively prospers without any setbacks.

Wrong Customization

In a way, eCommerce business is very delicate a slight mistake might divert customers to other platforms. Customization is very important when it comes to eCommerce business. The products and items showcased in your online platform must be well placed, organized with essential details. A well balanced/designed online platform attracts more customers than a sluggish, outdated and complicated one.

Our Pick for the Best Enterprise eCommerce Platform

There are a number of enterprise eCommerce platforms are available in the market that has their own pros and cons. There are very popular and popular enterprise eCommerce platforms such as Shopify Plus, BigCommerce Enterprise and the Magento Enterprise with several others. We recommend Magento Enterprise for your next enterprise eCommerce platform.

Magento Enterprises

This one is by far the most popular and widely used enterprise eCommerce platform. Magento Enterprise blesses your eCommerce platform with a variety of customizations, modules and integrations with seemingly amazing user experience. Magento is available in community version with basic core elements to go on. Recently, Magento released a newer and better version Magento 2.0, but remember if you are migrating from Magento 1.0 to Magento 2.0, you will lose all your modules and integrations.

In the end, the best enterprise eCommerce platform is the one that can take your project in the future – a platform that is agile and long-lasting. Choose wisely, it can make a difference.


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