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How to Boost Organic Game Installs – Key Points

By December 7, 2019 No Comments
Boost organic game downloads

The game development industry is at its peak and it is not going to slow down in the near future. Competition in the game development sector is high and game development companies are trying their best to incorporate the best strategies to get on top. Let’s be honest for a second, the only best strategy to have a successful game is to boost organic games installs because that last longer than paid promotions. However, if the game is good and you need quick growth then you can use paid methods but if the game is just ok, please don’t waste your money and time.

So, the question is how to boost organic game installs? Well, that process requires a lot of prep work. It requires deep analysis, in-depth knowledge of trending keywords, tests, trials, and so on. Today, we will find out how to boost the organic game installs.

Major Key Points to Boost Organic Game Installs

The first rule – say no to duplicate things. When you are putting your time, money, heart, and soul then do it right? The first thing you should consider is that the game concept or idea is unique and if you are positive you are good to go.

Prep Work

Plan basically regarding the game you are going to make, for instance, logo, images, graphics, landing page, game concept, platform, development process, cost, time to develop the game. Once the roadmap is clear in your head you can begin the game development process. And when your game is ready to publish keep in mind these following things –


First of all create a landing page for with authentic web page template, original artwork, logo, and images. It should not be copied or of a low grade because that leaves a negative impression on the users. Visuals have key importance in attracting the players if they are pleasing the player sticks with the game for a longer period of time.

Search Engine Optimization  (SEO)

You have good quality visuals and an interesting game – a perfect recipe for the game players. But how you will deliver or connect to those players. You will need a skilled team of SEO & SMO professionals. These professionals can effectively connect you with the right target audience.

Market Research

Market research is an aspect that a game development company can’t simply ignore. As we all know the competition in the game industry is very high. So, if you want to take your game at the top you have best your competitors in every aspect.

Video Preview

Experts and studies have shown well-elaborated video preview add more install and downloads for the game. Hence, increasing the organic game installs. Make sure your video showcase what exactly in the game is an innovative cool style and it must not be fake otherwise users will not waste any time uninstalling the game.

So, these were some key points to boost organic game installs. Just remember these techniques will only work if your game is promising.

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