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How to Become a Pro Ludo Player

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How to Become a Pro Ludo Player

Ludo needs no introduction and it absolutely a perfect boredom killer. It is one of the most popular games in India and people enjoy it with family members and friends. You might be a good Ludo player or straight noob but, if you are here you want to be a pro Ludo player. Well, definitely you are in the right place because here you will get all the necessary ingredients to become a pro Ludo player.

Tips to Become a Pro Ludo Player

Ludo is very easy to learn board game and nowadays it also available in the online format. You can play Ludo on a mobile game with an AI or other online players.  The game development companies are making this game popular by introducing the newest technologies and features. So, if you are bored and nobody to play with you can download Ludo game from the Mobile app store and become a pro Ludo player.

Tip No.1 Screeching

A Ludo game can be intense and full of drama and emotions. As the game progress, it becomes more intense filled with screeching. There is a saying that, “everything is fair in love and war” and you have to apply to remember this quote from beginning to the end in a Ludo game. Basically screeching comes handy to distract and create confusion in the game. So in order to become a pro Ludo player, you have to play smart and create confusion whenever it’s hot.

Tip No. 2 Cheating

You cannot become a pro Ludo player if you do not apply these tactics in the game. Yes, put your good guy suit in the closet before playing the game. There is saying, “It’s not cheating if you’re not getting caught”. So, in order to cheat, you have to make sure, you are good at it because if you got caught, this will create a serious trust issue among your family and friends.

Tip No. 3 False Contemplation

You have to try everything you have in order to win a Ludo game. We have tried cheating and screeching; now it’s time for false contemplations. For instance, your piece is eaten by another player and you try to falsely contemplate the situation. In this situation, you try to create a scenario where you claim that your piece was wrongly placed at that spot but should be at next or back spot. This trick is very effective and an important move to play when required.

Tip No. 5 Revenge

Revenge is kind like an ace in the Ludo game, for instance, your piece got eaten and you got enraged. Now, what you do next? Of course, you will eat everything on the path and take it all like frenzy.

Tip No. 4 Noob Dealings

A smart move you can pull off if there is a noob player playing with you. You can simply convince him/her to eat other opponent’s pieces instead of yours.

Tip No. 6 Rage quit

If anything doesn’t work out then this will – it’s simple if you cannot win the game fold the board. A cheap move but sometimes it’s very effective. My advice is not to do it too often otherwise no one will play with you.

Playing Ludo Game Online

Now, you can play Ludo game on your mobile phone but sadly you cannot cheat the game on mobile phone and only one method is effective – rage quit. But hey, no one going to go mad at you can do it all night long. Mobile development companies like WorkLooper develops all kind of board and card games for mobile phones. Do check out them on Google Play.

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