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How to Advertise on Tik Tok for your Business

By February 5, 2020 March 20th, 2020 No Comments
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We all know what Tik Tok is. It is one of the fastest-growing video sharing platforms where hundreds of people watch and upload short clips. The majority of the Tik Tok users are youngsters aged between 16 and 24. Furthermore, there are more than 500 million active users Advertise on Tik Tok. Therefore, it’s the best place to advertise on Tik Tok simply because it’s the sheer user engagement.

Tik Tok is a very popular mobile application among people around the world. In 2017, ByteDance published the app Douyin which later dubbed into Tik Tok, took the world by storm. An average user spends 50+ minutes on Tik Tok every day and it is also the most downloaded app on the planet.

Steps to Advertise on Tik Tok

Creating an ad campaign is very simple on Tik Tok, just follow these steps carefully and you can confidently run your advertisement on Tik Tok.

Create a Tik Tok Ads Account

To create a TikTok ad account, simply visit and click on “Create an Ad”.

Create a Tik Tok Ad Campaign

When you click on “Create an Ad”, you will direct to Tik Tok Ad Campaign. Now, set your TikTok Ad Campaign objective and then select your desired preference from traffic, conversion and app install. Next, set your budget (minimum $500) on your preference i.e. monthly or daily.

Setup Your Tik Tok Ad

Once you are done with budgeting you are all set for Placements, Details, and Targeting of your Tik Tok ad campaign. The Tik Tok ad campaign dashboard allows you to place ads on Tik Tok platform. In addition, Advertise on Tik Tok also allows you to place your ads on its sister applications such as Vigo Video and others. Next, you can fill up the other information about your app and the choices for the right target audience.

Manage your Tik Tok Ad Campaign

Now, in this step, you can set Advertise on Tik Tok Ad Spend, Duration, and Goals. So, here are the things you will have in Tik Tok campaign dashboard –

  • Budget & Schedule section – You can set your budget, ad schedule, and ad runtime.
  • Pacing of your budget – You simply can set a speed of your expenditure on the ads.
  • Optimization Goal Selection – it will decide results from the ad campaign.
  • Smart Optimization switch – Enable this to get the best of your ad campaign.

Design Your Ad Using TikTok’s Video Creation Kit

The best thing about advertising on Tik Tok is the in-house video creation kit. It allows the users to create an effective ad campaign however they like with more than 300+n music tracks and images. Tik Tok offers three types of ads on its platform and they are –

  • Brand takeovers
  • In-feed ads
  • Hashtag challenges


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