How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Your WordPress Website?

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improve your WordPress website

We can doubt AI as much as we want but we cannot deny the fact that it is very useful and handy. Nonetheless, AI tech is being used in many ways. You can use AI in web development as well to improve your WordPress Website. It is also being used in medical, infrastructure, technology, etc. Major companies use artificial intelligence in order to make things easier for humans, simply by assisting humans. We are sceptical about the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and the day where they will get sentient and take over the world or humans will lose the job if AI can do everything. However, AI nowadays is developed in a way to assist human not to replace.

Ways AI Can Improve Your WordPress Website

On that note, let’s find out how you can improve your WordPress website using AI plug-ins.

AI For Better SEO

AI stands for artificial intelligence and its basic concept is learning and assisting in human tasks. Plug-ins like “Yoast SEO” and “Wordlift” can improve your WordPress website drastically. Furthermore, these tools can help the WordPress website by giving suggestion on the content. Interestingly, Wordlift plug-in manages a knowledge graph; in simple words, you will get a tailored suggestion on your website. It means that you will have a better grasp and less strain when it comes to improving SEO on your website.

AI for Spam Messages

Yes, you heard it right you can get rid of those spam messages quite effectively. Artificial intelligence has been around for quite a while in the web development industry and it is kept on evolving and getting better with each coming day. We are well aware that how annoying these spam messages be. Therefore, there is an AI plug-in that can get rid of the spam messages problem and improve your WordPress website. This plug-in is known as “Akismet” that comes pre-installed with WordPress.

AI for Translation

How would you feel if a person from another country visits your website and doesn’t know the language you have used on the website? Probably he will get nothing from your website and will just bounce off. That’s not a good sign for your website; thankfully, there is a plug-in named “Google Language Translator” that intelligently translates the on-page content according to the region of the visitor.  Therefore, it is crucial to include this plug-in to improve your WordPress website.

Live Chat

There were the days when websites have very low quality but now things have been changed. Today, there are things like AI, better UI and UX, and lot more to experiment and bring out the best. Now, you can include a Bot AI that will act as always-on customer support without any human involvement. Although it can only answer simple questions still it is quite effective.

AI to Share Content

A website needs user-engagement on its content in order to gain domain authority and Page authority.  And we all know how important user-engagement is for a website. Therefore sharing related articles on the page is a good idea. When a visitor sees a related topic they want to read more and hence increases the time spent on the website. You can use a plug-in like Recomendo to do the job.

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